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Simple Blossoms/Kay

Simple Blossoms/Kay

Hi there! I have a couple of cards to share with you today using  Today  the Simple Blossoms stamp set, Simple Blossoms dies, Wild Flower Sketches stamp set,  Wild Flower Sketches dies,  Layered Bouquet stamp set and Diamond Tiles Background stamp.

For my two cards today, one uses a warm color Scheme and one uses a cool color scheme. I am personally more drawn to cooler colors, but for some reason of the two cards I made, I prefer the warmer one of these. I think it is more the composition than the colors though. Anyway, I stamped the Diamond Tiles background stamp with Doe ink, the sentiment with Gathered Twigs and Doe

The leaves and "greenery" from the Wild Flower Sketches stamp set were stamped with doe ink and the flowers from the Simple Blossoms Stamp set were stamped with Apricot and Clementine for the oranges, Passion Fruit and Coral reef for the red ones. All of the images were adhered with foam tape and glue dots.  I did a little bit of shading in the center of the flowers with Copic markers and I added a few tiny white dots to the center of the flowers with white acrylic paint.

This card was made exactly like the first one using cooler colors.  The Diamond Tiles Background stamp was stamped with sky blue ink. The sentient is from the Layered Bouquet stamp set and was stamped in Detail Black ink. All of the "greenery" was stamped in Rocky Slope and Misty Coast. The purple flowers were stamped in Soft Lilac and Candy Violet, and the blues in Sky Blue and Summer Shower

Again, I shaded the center of the flowers with Copic markers and added some tiny white dots with acrylic paint. All of the images were adhered with foam tape and glue dots.

I hope you have enjoyed my cards today!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Kay :)


5. Apr 10, 2020

Both of these cards are so pretty! I just love everything you create Kay!

Shawn Wenrich
4. Apr 10, 2020

I’m always in love with Kay’s work and her cards are just beautiful! Such pretty colors and overall gorgeous design!

Stephanie Clapper
3. Apr 09, 2020

Your cards are beautiful!

2. Apr 09, 2020

These cards are amazing! I love the yellowish gold colour’s one the best. But both are super pretty! And the background stamp is such a great pairing with those pretty bouquets! Beautifully arranged! WOW! WOW! WOW!

PS would love if Pink Fresh had the PIN icon on their images. Cards like these you don’t want to forget!

Annette Gordon
1. Apr 09, 2020

Those are gorgeous! I love the color combinations and the little extra shading on the flowers.

Jackie Parkins

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