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Scrapbooking Collection Reveal: Out and About

Scrapbooking Collection Reveal: Out and About

Welcome to day 2 of our new product reveals! Today we are excited to share our new Out and About collection with you! This colorful collection was designed by Geralyn Sy, Kaitlin Scheaffer and Kinnari Zaveri.

This collection is bright and full of rainbow colors, and is our modern take on travel! We have included all modes of transportation, including land, rail, air & sea. You can use it for outdoor adventures, sunny days at the beach or a trendy city getaway! But what we love about it most is the versatility of the collection, because you don't have to use it exclusively for travel either. We think you will have so much fun creating layouts, cards, mini albums and your daily pocket pages with this colorful & fun collection! Check it out in full!

12x12 Collection Paper Pack

Scenic Route


Bucket List


New Places


Travel Icons


6x6 Paper Pad

Puffy Stickers

Diecut Ephemera Pack


Cardstock Stickers

Mixed Embellishment Pack

Stitched Frames

Puffy Alpha Stickers

Epoxy Clips

Travel Tags

This collection will start shipping to our retailers mid-February!

Here is YOUR chance to win the Out and About collection! Please leave a comment letting us know what you think of this brand new collection, and what your favorites are!
 We will post the winner on January 13th on our GIVEAWAY PAGE. Be sure to check to check that page to see if you are a winner, and follow the instructions on claiming your prize!
We hope that you love this collection as much as we do!


126. Jan 04, 2019

Love this for my next family vacation! My favorites are the chipboard frames!

Stefanie White
125. Jan 04, 2019

This is such a great collection! So versatile! I love the papers especially!

Michelle Gallant
124. Jan 04, 2019

I love this whole collection. The travel tags are my favorite!!

123. Jan 04, 2019

Love this new paper line. It reminds me that everyday is a new adventure. Beautiful!

Sandy Carter
122. Jan 04, 2019

Wonderful, fresh travel collection! Love the map print and those great tags!

Miriam Prantner
121. Jan 04, 2019

Wow, so beautiful 😍. I Love the stitched frames.

Janine Strobel
120. Jan 04, 2019

I love the designs on the paper, very unique. The colors are perfect for summer vacation pictures.

Alison Stewart
119. Jan 04, 2019

Of all the sneak peeks I have seen, this one captures my attention the most. I see uses beyond travel and love the style and colors. I see planner and journaling uses and personal development pages.

Lynne Moore
118. Jan 04, 2019

Great release. Those travel tags – swoon!!!

Danielle Gale
117. Jan 04, 2019

Great release. Those travel tags – swoon!!!

Danielle Gale
116. Jan 04, 2019

This is all great, but I like the frames and the stickers. I created 5 books for Christmas presents and the stickers and lettering really made them not only easy to do, but really made them pop.

115. Jan 04, 2019

I love the papers. This is a very versatile collection!!

Beth Knaul
114. Jan 04, 2019

This is why Pinkfresh is my favorite line of products!!!! Everything is so cheery. I usually can’t buy everything in a collection, but this time I may have to as the products are wonderful. I really like the mixed embellishment pack and the tags!

Nancy Halma
113. Jan 04, 2019

I love the collection. It’s fresh, beautiful and with a great colour palette. What I like the most are the diecut ephemera pack and the cardstock stickers

Paula M
112. Jan 04, 2019

I love this Out and About collection.. The colors are a great change from most travel collections. All of the word embellishments can be used for a variety of trips.

Jeanne Clements
111. Jan 04, 2019

I have many trips to document. This would definitely get me started. Love it!

110. Jan 04, 2019

Beautiful line, so fresh and fun! Love it!

Lisa in Texas
109. Jan 04, 2019

I love the 6×8 papers, the tags and the card stock stickers! The colors in this collection are fabulous!

Kari K.
108. Jan 04, 2019

Beautiful products , as always. I am not supposed to buy any more craft supplies for the next few weeks but that’s out the door now! Lol.

107. Jan 04, 2019

I’ve been looking for a nice travel collection, and haven’t found one I loved. Now I have! Love it, every single page and embellishment!

Katherine L.
106. Jan 04, 2019

Wow!!! I want to travel so as to use these great papers like Traveler and Adventure!! The icons and graphics are perfection and the colors will match up so well with all types of travel! So versatile and fun! Great new release and am pinning away!! You avid fan @jordanbev5

Beverly Jordan
105. Jan 04, 2019

I love the colors and the fresh feel of this collection. It’s so versatile and can be used for so much more than travel! I’m a paper girl and that cut apart sheet has me drooling!, plus map paper? Yes!

104. Jan 04, 2019

Awesome collection! Love the bright colors that are used throughout! :)

Kelsey Thomas
103. Jan 04, 2019

I love it all so much! I can’t pick one favorite, but I love the travel icons paper, the die cut tags, and the epoxy clips.

102. Jan 04, 2019

Yes yes yes!! Travel collections are my favorite and I love everything about this one!!

Danielle Dunlop
101. Jan 04, 2019

I love this Travel paper! I’m about to go on my first cruise and I want to coordinate my clothing to the colors used on the paper so I can easily use all these sheets to scrap my trip with!!

100. Jan 04, 2019

I love this collection! It will be great to document all my adventures. The papers are my faves and I think I am going to need them all in multiples ;)

99. Jan 04, 2019

Got to love a travel collection but what makes this one great is the versatility…I can see days out, camping, winter, summer and beach vibes. Love the puffy stickers!

ruth Sim
98. Jan 04, 2019

WOW, I love the colors in this collection. My fav is the die-cut Ephemera Pack. What great eye candy…

Sherry T.
97. Jan 04, 2019

The stitched frames & puffy stickers are adorable but let’s be honest I love the whole collection!

96. Jan 04, 2019

Fabulous! I love everything about this, it is just perfect for me. Today my favourite is the stitched frames, tomorrow, who knows?!

Jenny P
95. Jan 04, 2019

Love it all, but the stitched frames are a must have.

Vicky Houghton
94. Jan 04, 2019

Beautiful collection!!!
My faves are Mixed Embellishment Pack, Collection Paper Pack and Stitched Frames. Thanks for this chance to win! Fingers crossed!!!

Arianna Barbara
93. Jan 04, 2019

Beautiful! I love so much this travel collection. It’s difficult to pick a favourite…but I choose Ephemera and Cardstock stickers. I’m Italian and I hope this giveaway is open to all because it’s a wonderful idea!

Michela Cecchi
92. Jan 04, 2019

Such pretty colors! I love the puffy alpha’s.

Betsy J
91. Jan 03, 2019

Exciting collection!
Love the colors and
the stitched frames.
Mixed Embellishment
Pack is fun also.
Carla from Utah

Carla Hundley
90. Jan 03, 2019

Love this entire collection!! My favorite might just be those adorable frames.

Shawn Altman
89. Jan 03, 2019

love frames and clips!so cute♡
I’m going to make a lot of mini albums,so I need this collection!!

88. Jan 03, 2019

I am loving your new paper pack!!! The chipboard is a close second!

87. Jan 03, 2019

Love the colors! Papers and card stock stickers are my faves!

86. Jan 03, 2019

I love this whole collection… It was hard to pick a favorite! The die cuts win out by the narrowest of margins!

85. Jan 03, 2019

This is my favorite collection you’ve released! I love the theme: travel is something my family loves to do – long vacations, or even weekend getaways are great family time. Also, I find a “travel” collection is great for documenting school days or lessons learned…we all have journeys we want to take. Thanks for showing off Out and About – it looks wonderful!

Cynthia Baldwin
84. Jan 03, 2019

I love the bright colors! I think the tags are my favorite!

Grace Twietmeyer
83. Jan 03, 2019

I love this bright colored collection. We just recently took a trip to Maui and this collection will make a beautiful scrapbook of our trip.

Debora Fisher
82. Jan 03, 2019

I love everything in this collection so much, that it’s hard to choose a favorite. But if I really need to, it will be the ephemera and travel tags. I’m so excited for the release of this collection. It will definitely be a great addition to the travel journals that I’ve been doing.

Judy Chua Co
81. Jan 03, 2019

I love everything in this collection so much, that it’s hard to choose a favorite. But if I really need to, it will be the ephemera and travel tags. I’m so excited for the release of this collection. It will definitely be a great addition to the travel journals that I’ve been doing.

Judy Chua Co
80. Jan 03, 2019

I absolutely love this collection.
My favorite is the tags, no the stitched frames, no the 12×12 paper. I can’t choose just one element.

79. Jan 03, 2019

I love the bright colors and simple designs, not too busy and good background for pictures. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

Keith Manley
78. Jan 03, 2019

I honestly can’t pick a favorite in this collection. I love every bit of it equally! I rarely buy full collections but I just can’t resist with this one. And I knew the second I saw it that Geralyn Sy had a hand it in! Absolutely love her style and designs. I can’t wait to scrap with it!!

77. Jan 03, 2019

What a delightful collection. Love the colors!! The puffy stickers are perfec. Would love to have this to scrap the trips my 21 month old granddaughter took to see me this year. Congrats on this release.

Jean marmo

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