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Scrapbook collection reveal: Indigo Hills 2

Scrapbook collection reveal: Indigo Hills 2

**Congratulations! The winner of this new collection is:
Happy Monday, Pinkfresh friends! Today we are super excited to share our Indigo hills 2 collection with you. Our Indigo hills collection was so popular and we are so delighted to bring it back with a fresh look after 2 years. This collection is designed by Kim Stewart, Susan Driscoll, Inna Moreva, Kaitlin Sheaffer and Kinnari Zaveri. There is so much talent and hard work behind this collection. 

This collection is a good mix of hand painted elements with some color splashes, lovely florals and bold brushstrokes. Bold choices of colors are perfectly paired with some subtle colors. It has a good mix of embellishments with different textures to create one of a kind paper crafting projects.


12 x 12 collection paper pack









6 x 6 collection paper pack

Puffy Stickers
Ephemera Pack

Phrase stickers

Gold foiled wood stickers

Chipboard stickers

Gold foiled puffy alpha stickers

Enamel dots

Mini puffy alpha stickers

Journaling spots with gold foiled accents


This collection will start shipping to our retailers by the end of August!
Here is YOUR chance to win the Indigo Hills 2 collection! Please leave a comment letting us know what you think of this brand new collection, and what your favorites are! Also we would love to know what you would like to see in the future in our paper collections.
 We will post the winner on August 15th on our GIVEAWAY PAGE.
We hope that you love this new collection as much as we do!!


174. Aug 01, 2018

What a pretty collection! I love all the purple as well as the pretty frames.

Becca Yahrling
173. Aug 01, 2018

I love the colors in this collection. Thanks for the chance to win some beautiful products.

Jennifer S
172. Aug 01, 2018

Purple and yellow – my favourite color combo! The collection is a must-have!

Yulia Mulyukina
171. Aug 01, 2018

I first discovered Pinkfresh Studio last year when I started scrapbooking and project life. I was discovering all the brands available and stumbled on Indigo Hills. I. Fell. In. Love. I always turn to Pinkfresh Studio when I want a fresh, modern page with the most beautiful florals. That is why ‘Glen’ is my favorite paper of this line along with the ephemera. The papers’ quality is beautiful. The ephemera has everything, I don’t think I’d like to change a thing about what is included. But, if I had to pick, I think a diffrent font for the alphas and vellum or acrylic pieces in the ephemera every now and then would be nice. Can’t wait to get my hands on this to stare at for a whole day before finally taking my scissors to it. ❤

Gabriela Guillen
170. Aug 01, 2018

Gorgeous collection!! I love the colors and the watercolor!! My favorites are the enamel dots and the mini alpha’s!!

Dana W
169. Aug 01, 2018

Beautiful colors! I love it.

Andrea Gellai
168. Aug 01, 2018

I love it, I love it, I love it!! I want it all!

Yulia Mulyukina
167. Aug 01, 2018

I love the colors in this collection. They are so different than the other collections. Your papers are beautiful. I always love your puffy stickers, especially the alphabets.

166. Aug 01, 2018

Swoon! This is a gorgeous line! Just stunning!
The unique and fresh papers are my favorite. Your paper weight and quality are unsurpassed. Your designs are truly unique and versatile. I know I repeated unique, but in an industry where so many paper designs are recycled, unique is unique! LOL!
I really like the mini alphas! That’s a great product. I would like to see some acetate embellishments in the Die cut pack. I am missing the vellum with this line. Vellum embellishments would be a lovely addition to your lines.
Thanks for the chance! I would love to win this line!

Susan McL
165. Aug 01, 2018

Oh love the watercolor look to this collection!!

164. Aug 01, 2018

This collection is gorgeous! I love the patterned papers, especially the colors and the florals. Those tiny alpha stickers are great!

Martha Lowry
163. Jul 31, 2018

Wow! This is breathtaking and the colors are just magic.

Tamara David
162. Jul 31, 2018

Indigo Hills was my favorite collection, so I am excited to see a sequel! I love love the deep blue and purples in it and the pretty florals.

I would love to see a new script font used in future collections instead of the same one in every release.

Monica B
161. Jul 31, 2018

What’s not to love! This is a beautiful collection and I love every piece of it! I especially like the purple fern leaf paper, the gold foiled wood, chipboard stickers and the journaling spots! Love the puffy stickers too! I guess I love it all!

Elizabeth Kimbel
160. Jul 31, 2018

Love the colors and the puffy stickers have my heart.

Vanessa Bell
159. Jul 31, 2018

I love the colors and watercolor designs! Beautiful collection!

Lisa C.
158. Jul 31, 2018

I love he colors in this collection! I really prefer your more graphic collections, but these are stunning!

157. Jul 31, 2018

This is beautiful! Love those puffy stickers and the papers! It would smart to get 2 of each one because both sides are perfect!

Traci Rancier
156. Jul 31, 2018

I think this might be my favorite releaae ever from you! Just breathtaking!

155. Jul 31, 2018

What a beautiful collection. Love the soft yet rich colors. Would love to win this. Thanks.

Gayle Bartholomew
154. Jul 31, 2018

It is so hard to wait until the end of August to purchase this beautiful paper and accessories! Love it!

153. Jul 31, 2018

This is fantastic! I love this collection!! It is so beautiful and fresh!

Heather King
152. Jul 31, 2018

What a lovely collection. I love the watercolor motifs and the plum color in the palette. This collection will mix well with the first Indigo Hills papers and embellishments that I’ve been saving :)

151. Jul 31, 2018

This is really so calm and pretty! I love the colours so much, a great transition into fall. The inspirations on your tags and ephemera are always so original and inspiring! What would I like to see in the future? More of the same originality and I love mint and Yellow! Well done team Pinkfresh :D Cheers

Kelly Daye
150. Jul 31, 2018

Absolutely gorgeous collection. The colours, the phrases, the gold alpha’s. Perfection!

149. Jul 31, 2018

Love the color scheme. My favorite is the puffy stickers and ephemera. Wonderful!

Charlotte Uptegraff
148. Jul 31, 2018

I did not see the first Indigo collection – not so long in scrapbooking – but this one is love at first sight!

Yulia Mulyukina
147. Jul 31, 2018

Beautiful collection, loving all the navy.

Joann B Hernandez
146. Jul 31, 2018

The first indigo hills collection was one of my all time favorites, but this collection is breathtaking. I love the combination of blues and purples. The entire collection is on my must have list.

Christine Maupin
145. Jul 31, 2018

I think this line is stunning!!! I LOVE the colors and designs!

Charlene Cundy
144. Jul 31, 2018

Oh. My. A total must have! I am a patterned paper fanatic, but secondarily what I was really happy to see were the mini-puffy letter stickers.

143. Jul 31, 2018

Oh. My. A total must have! I am a patterned paper fanatic, but secondarily what I was really happy to see were the mini-puffy letter stickers.

142. Jul 31, 2018

I am not a purple fan but I must say this collection will have me thinking seriously about changing my mind. 💜💜💜

Robin A
141. Jul 31, 2018

Honestly the most beautiful scrapbook collection I have ever seen 😭😭😭 I love the colours, the foil, the enamel dots, the prints!!!!

Tilbury Helen
140. Jul 31, 2018

I loved the first Indigo Hills collection and am in love with the second as well. I won’t make the mistake of waiting too long to get items this time around!

Dianne S.
139. Jul 31, 2018

Beautiful new collection! Those colours are wonderful. I love the ephemera and the puffy stickers, so pretty!

Amber B
138. Jul 31, 2018

I love the colors in this collection! Pinkfresh Studio is my favorite! I would love to win this collection!

137. Jul 31, 2018

Another homerun release! My favorite are the word strips.

Kathy W
136. Jul 31, 2018

The colors are magic! And the embelishment sets make it so easy to papercrfat!

Yulia Mulyukina
135. Jul 31, 2018

This is an absolutely gorgeous set! The soft watercolors of some of my favorite colors {mixed with GOLD} MAKE ME SWOON!! Love your products!

Karen Needham
134. Jul 31, 2018

Oh! creo que esa colección puede ser usada en cualquier ocasión son colores bellos e inspiradores para hombres mujeres niños en todo momento!!
Me encantan sus productos en general, nos cuesta un poco tenerlos en Chile pero con un poco de esfuerzo lo logramos.
Felicitaciones!! y que vuelvan los kit de adornos, eran maravillosos..

133. Jul 31, 2018

LOVE THIS COLLECTION. Let me first say how thankful I am that you listen to the people…I feel like scrapbookers have been complaining about the lack of purple in scrapbooking for 10+years :) My favourite item is the mini alphas, they are perfect and like I said I don’t have one purple alpha! My favourite papers are Eminence, Glen and Gorge. I also really love the journalling spots. Well done pinkfresh. :)

Amanda Hodgson
132. Jul 31, 2018

You guys are blowing me away!! I have had to have every collection you’ve come up with in the last year or so, this one is no exception. In 13 years of scrapbooking, that has NEVER happened. I’m a huge fan!

Angela Von Hatten
131. Jul 31, 2018

Again, another wonderful collection! I just love the colors used – they are just what I gravitate towards! You always surprise with the most awesome collections that can be used for so many different projects!

130. Jul 31, 2018

Wow, wow, wow, this is so gorgeous, and me! I just love the colours, the pattern papers and embellishments! Impossible to choose a favourite!

Kathleen King
129. Jul 31, 2018

I think this lovely collection is not for autumn only, it will be great for summer projects as well!

Yulia Mulyukina
128. Jul 31, 2018

Oh wow I love all the purples! ♥️

127. Jul 31, 2018

Wow, this is a great collection. Love the watercolor accents and choice of colors. Excellent for upcoming autumn… I would realyy love to win this one.

Irmak Ipek
126. Jul 31, 2018

I love the addition of the purple and the round wreath paper. So pretty.

Maybe new collection about remembering you after a death or loss.

Marcia Scantlin
125. Jul 31, 2018

The blues & purples are just beautiful!


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