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Reveal Day 3: A Case of the Blahs

Reveal Day 3: A Case of the Blahs

Hi there, Pinkfresh friends!  Welcome to our day 3 reveal!  Today we are featuring the brand new collection called A Case of the Blahs.  You are going to love EVERYTHING about this collection!  The colors are fresh, the designs are on point...and it is about real life!  We all experience real life moments every single day, and this collection will be there for you to document it!

This collection is designed by Kinnari Zaveri and Kaitlin Scheffer.

Here is the full reveal of A Case of the Blahs:


This collection will start shipping soon!

But until then, do you want to win A Case of the Blahs prize pack?  Comment here telling us your favorite product from this collection!  We will post the winner on Saturday, January 13th!


84. Jan 06, 2018

I am in love with all of these pieces!! My favorite item is the ephemera pack. I might have to break the no spend for this!

Jennie Garcia
83. Jan 06, 2018

Love the whole set! The sentiments are super cute.

82. Jan 06, 2018

Adore the fabric pieces…such a unique/fresh twist within this line :) It’s been quite some time since I’ve felt I had he urge to buy an entire line, but The Blahs smashes that feeling!!

Nicole Harper
81. Jan 06, 2018

Love it all but those phrase stickers are real life for me!!! Must have collection!!!

Karen Ruiz
80. Jan 06, 2018

I love the phrases in this collection. They totally suit me. I’m a homebody and I like to read so I could definitely relate to this collection. I love the puffy stickers and the stamp.

Crystal B
79. Jan 06, 2018

what an ‘honest’ collection! I want everything in it—this is absolutely perfect for EVERYDAY use! Want it, NEED it!

Laura Gauthier Turcotte
78. Jan 06, 2018

I’m going to need that stamp. As a girl with depression, the whole ‘best day ever’ thing has never resonated with me – this collection is much more relatable. Also, gorgeous colour scheme!

77. Jan 06, 2018

I forgot to say…must.have.that.stamp.set!

76. Jan 06, 2018

Yep…I’m going to need all of this and some of it in duplicate! I love the real life sayings and that there isn’t one “Best Day Ever”! Can’t wait for this to ship!

75. Jan 06, 2018

Love love all the pinkfresh !!!! But in this collection the Puffy stickers all so cool !

Greetings from Barcelona.

Bea Mora
74. Jan 06, 2018

Love love love this collection!! Its sooo cas and fresh! Thank you for the chance to win (13th of Jan is my Birthday, so fingers crossed!)

Angelica (Cardsbyangie)
73. Jan 06, 2018

I love it all, the stamp is so super cute!! The puffy alphabet stickers are perfect, I love the font!

72. Jan 06, 2018

I love the whole collection!!! It’s perfect!!! And even if I don’t win it… I’m buying it!

71. Jan 05, 2018

I really need this collection, I love everything about it! I can think of so many photos and stories to go with it.

Heather V
70. Jan 05, 2018

What a great collection! So perfect for the everyday!

69. Jan 05, 2018

I love every.single.thing about this collection! I’ve been waiting to see it ever since I saw the sneak on instagram of the cut-apart cards. If I have to pick a favorite, I guess I would say the puffy stickers, but really I love it all!

Carey B
68. Jan 05, 2018

Wow. Just wow. Love the puffy stickers.

Teresa Tonn
67. Jan 05, 2018

I like the More naps, books, coffee stamp, The one that says “Perfect Emories” bugs me—I get it though, be ok w mistakes…

66. Jan 05, 2018

Awesome collection!!! Just reading all the sentiments puts a huge smile on my face! Love absolutely every single piece of this collection!

65. Jan 05, 2018

I love the whole collection. I need to get back to project life . Took a long break and can’t wait to get back into scrapbooking

Kristy Nguyen
64. Jan 05, 2018

I love this collection. It makes it possible to embrace and find comfort in the not so good moments in life. I love the color palate and the designs as well. Pinkfresh is one of the few companies combing out with new and fresh product. If I am forced to choose a favorite from this line then it would be the puffy stickers, but I love it all.

Lynn Bilodeau
63. Jan 05, 2018

I love this collection, but if I HAD to pick one of them for a favorite, I’d say the puffy stickers. I’m ALL about the puffy stickers!

Carol M.
62. Jan 05, 2018

Love the puffy stickers!! The phrases are so spot on!

Cele Schaffer
61. Jan 05, 2018

I love the stamps…..especially the more books, more coffee, more naps!

I’m assuming you’ve noticed the mistake on the stamp,though….?

Pat Armstrong
60. Jan 05, 2018

Thank you for the sign of relief — and release from the barrage of pink, teeny florals, unicorns pooping rainbows, and all the rest of that cloying sweetness! And you did it without slipping to the profane – just a weary sighs! I like the calm colors and patterns of the paper – that I suspect will adapt to just about anything and, particularly, the stamps!
Thank you!

59. Jan 05, 2018

Wow! This collection is so real! The right amount of honesty and funny all in one! The font in this collection is my favourite!

58. Jan 05, 2018

The fabric die cuts are great. Love to layer!!!

57. Jan 05, 2018

Oh goodness, I love the stamp set. Those sentiments!!!

Susie Wittwer
56. Jan 05, 2018

I LOVE IT ALL!!!!! I need this line. It is so my life right now. Love everything about it. Thank you for creating this line!

Ange W
55. Jan 05, 2018

I didn’t think I could love Pinkfresh anymore than I do already but this takes the cake! I adore the real life sentiments and sayings, perfect for those everyday moments. My faves are the card stock sticker sets and the ephemera! Congrats on another amazing collection.

Raquel Bowman
54. Jan 05, 2018

Love this collection!!! Stamps with “Better days are coming, they are called Saturday and Sunday” totally rocks!!

53. Jan 05, 2018

Just watched your insta-story! What a terrific group of embellishments! Love the all (and the paper), but I think the die-cuts are my favs!!!

Lynn H Slotkin
52. Jan 05, 2018

I love the colors in this collection with all the black and white. I also like that I can’t relate to a lot of things in this line and could make a lot of pages from it.

Michelle Leaf
51. Jan 05, 2018

I love this whole collection. My favorite is the fabric die cuts.

50. Jan 05, 2018

This collection is awesome! Love the colors and the theme. Those puffy alpha stickers are the best!

Marti Richards
49. Jan 05, 2018

Ahh, this one is so me!! Puffys all the way ….

Michelle Henderson
48. Jan 05, 2018

Can’t decide! I need every. piece. of the add-ons!!! Even the stamp this time.
(But puffy stickers are always the best ;) )

Kirsten Drew
47. Jan 05, 2018

Love the stamp set!!

46. Jan 05, 2018

Perfection ?

Create Me Scrappy Happy
45. Jan 05, 2018

Love it again! 6×6 paper is favourite! Hope it comes to the Netherlands soon

44. Jan 05, 2018

I like the houses and the stamp set.

Sue LD
43. Jan 05, 2018

I love the stamp set and the graphic paper!

Susan B
42. Jan 05, 2018

I love the stamp set and the graphic paper!

Susan B
41. Jan 05, 2018

The papers in this collection are perfect!! This is my favorite new collection!!

Stacy White
40. Jan 05, 2018

I’m not usually a fan of puffy stickers but these are amazing!

39. Jan 05, 2018

Lov Love the stamp set – so much potential for ssnarky cards …. And empathetic ones too.

Maxine D
38. Jan 05, 2018

This is one of my favorite new lines I’ve seen! I’m SO GLAD you continue to do a puffy alpha in all of your lines. They are almost always my favorite things. And the puffy stickers!

37. Jan 05, 2018

Paper of course ?

36. Jan 05, 2018

I am in love with the fabric die cuts today. Totally gorgeous.

F. Andre
35. Jan 05, 2018

I will never not love: Hold me closer tiny donuts!


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