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Reveal Day 3: A Case of the Blahs

Reveal Day 3: A Case of the Blahs

Hi there, Pinkfresh friends!  Welcome to our day 3 reveal!  Today we are featuring the brand new collection called A Case of the Blahs.  You are going to love EVERYTHING about this collection!  The colors are fresh, the designs are on point...and it is about real life!  We all experience real life moments every single day, and this collection will be there for you to document it!

This collection is designed by Kinnari Zaveri and Kaitlin Scheffer.

Here is the full reveal of A Case of the Blahs:


This collection will start shipping soon!

But until then, do you want to win A Case of the Blahs prize pack?  Comment here telling us your favorite product from this collection!  We will post the winner on Saturday, January 13th!


134. Jan 08, 2018

Great collection – I am so sick of “Best Day Ever” sentiments, so this is fantastic. Wonderful shade of blue, too. I love the stamps and puffy stickers.

Valerie S.
133. Jan 08, 2018

I’m usually attracted to more girly collections but this one is just amazing! I totally relate with every single bit!

Zinia Amoiridou
132. Jan 08, 2018

Love the green/orange color combo!

Marilyn T
131. Jan 08, 2018

I love how this line can be used for every day scrapbooking. The stamps and the card stock stickers are my favorites

Bethany Becker
130. Jan 08, 2018

I adore this product. I really like it all but I think I have to say I would love to have the stamps because I have
Nothing so realistic as these to use with my scrapbooks. I love to lay on sofa
And read. So these not perfect, ok to go slow. . . These are perfect for me. Great job on this line!

129. Jan 08, 2018

OMG, it’s all so pretty! So hard to choose just one favorite! I’m going to go with the puffy stickers, though I’m excited to see the fabric die-cuts in person!

128. Jan 08, 2018

Love the papers so much, this collection is brilliant the great use of colour and black and white is really awesome!!!

127. Jan 07, 2018

I love absolutely everything about this collection. Love that it’s all about documenting real life – whatever that may be. The puffy stickers and the die cuts are just perfect and will be essentials for my life!

126. Jan 07, 2018

The Alpha stickers is sooooo awesome !!

125. Jan 07, 2018

Love the puffy stickers, ephemera, paper!! All of it really… great collection!

Rona Mallard
124. Jan 07, 2018

I love the realness of this collection!

123. Jan 07, 2018

The exodus clips and stamps are so cute! I really like this collection. The little coffee cups are adorable.

Odessa reichel
122. Jan 07, 2018

Loving all these sneak peaks. What a great release!

121. Jan 07, 2018

The papers are lovely

120. Jan 07, 2018

I love this entire collection!!!! Someone please make it easy for me and pull it all together in a bundle so I’m sure not to miss anything!!! If I have to pick a favorite, it would be the 12 × 12 sticker sheet. ❤️ this so hard!!!!!! B

Shannon Wells
119. Jan 07, 2018

Oh, I love the alpha stickers! That typeface is gorgeous!

118. Jan 07, 2018

Love the fabric die cuts and the whole collection

117. Jan 07, 2018

I just love those puffy stickers so much.

Kathle Bishop
116. Jan 07, 2018

It’s hard to pick one favorite in this line. The colors and patterns are amazing. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say the cardstick stickers Because I love and can’t wait to use all the circles!!

115. Jan 07, 2018

The papers are my favourite. :)

Manasa vavilapalli
114. Jan 07, 2018

I love it all, but my fave is the stamp set!

113. Jan 07, 2018

Puffy stickers are my favorite……so many great options for scrapbook pages!

112. Jan 07, 2018

It’s an amazing collection but the puffy stickers are adorable. X

111. Jan 07, 2018

LOVE this collection! The die cuts are my fav!

Lorilei Murphy
110. Jan 07, 2018

You really hit it out of the park with this collection because it’s so relatable! Love it all!

Patty Del Rosa
109. Jan 07, 2018

I love the puffy stickers and can’t wait to get them into my hot little hands!

108. Jan 06, 2018

the enamel dots and the stamp set…but it all looks so usable!

Mary Kadry
107. Jan 06, 2018

I haven’t looked at many new spring lines as I’m trying to cut through my stash but this collection sings to me. I love something I can use that reflects true daily life which isn’t all perfect. The different stickers are probably my favorite items from the line but I’m pretty much going to have to have it all.

106. Jan 06, 2018

LOVE the collection theme! My favorite items are the stamp, the fabric die cuts, the stickers, the clips, the alphabet…oh, heck!

105. Jan 06, 2018

I can’t tell you how happy this collection makes me. You are the best at capturing real emotion (as I’ve told you, Kinnari, many times.) this is why I started my business…to
Help women tell their REAL stories and heal by doing it! I love the die cuts and would pop those babies up on pop dots all day long.

Rachel Kaufman
104. Jan 06, 2018

I love this whole collection and the color pallet! I think my favorite thing is that little tiny coffee cup sticker!! (and all the coffee related items)

103. Jan 06, 2018

The puffy stickers are my favorite! Lots of great TRUE sayings we could use to document our family moments!

Cynthia B.
102. Jan 06, 2018

The puffy stickers are my
Fav from the collection. But in all seriousness the whole lot is pretty awesome.

Leanne. jago
101. Jan 06, 2018

The stamp set is perfect! I would so love to have it in my collection. ?

Melissa W.
100. Jan 06, 2018

Such a cute and relatable collection. I love all the black and white papers and the gorgeous alpha!

99. Jan 06, 2018

Gosh, the stamp set is made for me!!

98. Jan 06, 2018

The stamps are my favorite. The paper is so cute but I could use those stamps many times. Good job with this line

97. Jan 06, 2018

I love these colors!! The papers are so versatile!

96. Jan 06, 2018

Awesome collection! Loving all the puffy stickers!

95. Jan 06, 2018

I love this! I need the whole collection. Great job!

Karen B
94. Jan 06, 2018

You’re blowing me away with this new release! Seems like every day is even better than the next. My favorite from today’s reveal is the Fabric die cuts. I’ve never added fabric to my projects and these would be a new thing to me. I’d love to give them a try

93. Jan 06, 2018

I would absolutely use the enamel dots and the stamp.

Tori Bissell
92. Jan 06, 2018

This is my most favourite new release I have seen by any company so far. I need the whole collection but if I had to chose one item it would be that stamp set. Its just so usable and sums up life perfectly :)

91. Jan 06, 2018

My favourite product are the fun puffy stickers. Thanks for the chance to win xx

Debbie Siddle
90. Jan 06, 2018

The puffy stickers!!! #akwardasusual

89. Jan 06, 2018

Perfect for my life! I really like those fabric pieces. Your ephemera is always the best!!

jackie c.
88. Jan 06, 2018

How refreshing! I love all the sayings. The colors are so pretty!

Lisa C.
87. Jan 06, 2018

Seriously loling here! Can imagine using those stamps FOR-EV-ER

86. Jan 06, 2018

This collection is real life. I love it!!! Super cute

85. Jan 06, 2018

I need this entire collection in my life… so perfect for documenting REAL life! The chipboard stickers particularly caught my eye as I love the ’I’m tired and I want to go home’ one… This is often true for me and also a song by a local band that my husband and I really enjoy.

Melinda France

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