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Pinkfresh Studio Ink Pad Release Blog Hop

Pinkfresh Studio Ink Pad Release Blog Hop

After almost a year of testing & perfecting, we are SO excited to say that our line of premium dye inks are now available for purchase in the Pinkfresh Studio shop! We are releasing 48 colors in 12 color families that coordinate perfectly with our liquid watercolor. Each color family has 4 ink colors that range from dark to light. These inks are premium quality, they stamp beautifully and the color families layer together seamlessly.

To celebrate this brand new product release, we have planned an epic blog hop for you with TONS of inspiration, and PRIZES at every stop!

This is just a small peek at what you are going to see along the hop! Our entire card team, many of our scrapbooking team members and some very welcomed guests have created some amazing projects for you today using our wonderful new collection of inks.


Join Lea Lawson on our YouTube channel today, as she shares some fun ways to swatch all these amazing ink colors. You can watch it below, or HERE in HD.

Here is the image of that stamp layering swatch that Lea created, so you can see how well each color layers to the lighter shade.


Grand Prize #1: One comment from this blog post will win the complete set of full sized ink pads.

Grand Prize #2: One comment from our Instagram Giveaway will win the complete set of ink cubes. (Will post to our feed at 8:30am CST.)

(30) $25 Gift Cards: one comment from each blog hop stop will win a gift card code.

All you have to do is hop along to each stop & leave a comment along the way to be entered to win! You have until Sunday, October 20th at 11:59pm CST to leave a comment. Winners will be posted on the GIVEAWAY PAGE on Monday, October 21st. You must check the giveaway page & claim your prize within 2 weeks.


See the full link list below. Please note that it is two pages, so you will have to click over to the second page for the rest of the links. It has come to our attention that these Inlinkz lists don't show on all browsers, so you can also view the link list HERE.

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

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Our inks come in two options: you can purchase every color separately in the full sized ink pads. or you can purchase ink cubes in each color family, 4 colors in each set.

All ink pads
Full Sized ink pads
Ink Cube Sets


How about we take a look at all of the ink colors? We think you are going to LOVE this rainbow of colors, and how perfect the shades are from light to dark.













It's GIVEAWAY time! Now that you've seen all the colors, we would love to know what your very favorite color is! OR, let us know what your favorite color family is. We can't wait to hear what you think!

Happy hopping, Pinkfresh friends! We hope you have SO much fun on the blog hop, and that it leaves you SUPER inspired!

Have a great Monday!


219. Oct 16, 2019

Oh these are gorgeous colors! Love the whole collection, but my favorite is the Fairy Dust!

Ginger McElwain
218. Oct 16, 2019

Awesome collection of inks! Starry Night is my favorite!

217. Oct 16, 2019

I am loving these inks! I love hues and color ranges and they look like they stamp just beautifully. My favorite is Urban Raincoat and I can’t wait to use them! Well done Pinkfresh!!

216. Oct 16, 2019

I am loving all these gorgeous colors!!! I have seen you live FB videos when you have used them. I’m very excited for this release!

215. Oct 16, 2019

Great colors! Wild truffles is my favorite!

214. Oct 16, 2019

Great colors! Wild truffles is my favorite!

213. Oct 16, 2019

Stary Night is beautiful

Juliet Diley
212. Oct 16, 2019

All of the colors looks very pretty, but I think, I like the Starry Night color family the most.
/Tina M.

Tina Mathisen
211. Oct 16, 2019

I have been excited about these from the first sneak peek. They are bright, beautiful colors and I love the fact they are paired in layered sets. The Rise and Shine set is my fave but they all look wonderful, so it is hard to pick just one.

Krystal Showalter
210. Oct 16, 2019

First reports are that these are great inks. Do love the ready-to-go combinations!

209. Oct 16, 2019

These are all beautiful inks! If I had to pick one family as my favorite, it’d probably be starry night.

208. Oct 16, 2019

What beautiful colors! Congratulations on the release. I think I love the Wild Truffles best. :)

Katherine Briggs
207. Oct 16, 2019

Exciting release! Patiently waiting to see this come to fruition! I really like the way the colors are grouped and the various shades in each color family. By far, Island Oasis is my favorite – those aquas & teals get me every time!


Brenda Simpson
206. Oct 16, 2019

They are all beautiful. However, if I had to choose one family, it would be Island Oasis since my family loves the beach. We recently toured Banff Canada which has beautiful teal colored waters like this family of colors!

Lucie Poulin
205. Oct 16, 2019

Over the hills (and far away, to grandmother’s house we go!)…’tis the season! But green is my favorite year-round, and I love this one!

Sharon Hugo
204. Oct 16, 2019

They are all beautiful. However, if I had to choose one family, it would be Island Oasis since my family loves the beach. We recently toured Banff Canada which has beautiful teal colored waters like this family of colors!

Lucie Poulin
203. Oct 16, 2019

Love the colours and the family names ….especially Urban Raincoat!! 😁😁😁

202. Oct 16, 2019

These colors are beautiful! They are vibrant and I love the reds

Nicole F
201. Oct 16, 2019

Island Oasis is my favorite with Indian Summer running a very close second. Of course, all the colors are beautiful and would be fun to work with.

Gail Pardike
200. Oct 16, 2019

Love these color sets – hard to choose a favorite, but am partial to the pinks.

Debi Costello
199. Oct 16, 2019

I love garden stroll and over the hills. But all the colors are amazing.

Casey mazzio
198. Oct 16, 2019

Wow! Love the colours!great work

197. Oct 16, 2019

They are all beautiful! I have two favourite colour families: Island Oasis and Starry Night but I love so many that it’s hard to choose!

196. Oct 16, 2019

I love Island Oasis!!! But all of them are fabulous!

Amanda Wilcox
195. Oct 16, 2019

Starry night 😍

Jackie Paule
194. Oct 16, 2019

Love these colors! At 1st my favorite was the Island oasis family, then the wild truffles, and now I’m thinking I need to take a Garden Stroll. Thanks for the chance!

193. Oct 16, 2019

I love the entire collection, but especially the Island Oasis collection.

Breina Burgin
192. Oct 16, 2019

Oh wow! I love the four of each set. Stargazing is my fav. Thanks for a chance to win♥️

Kellie Gonzales
191. Oct 16, 2019

Theses are simply beautiful! I love both Over the hHills and Garden Stroll. Both are my fave!

190. Oct 16, 2019

They are all amazing! My favorites are Fairy Dust and Starry Night.

Brenda Turner
189. Oct 16, 2019

Wow, so hard to choose a favorite! Candy violet would be at the top of my list! Thanks for the opportunity to win such a generous prize!

Dayle S.
188. Oct 16, 2019

All great colors

Darice Poole
187. Oct 16, 2019

Fairy dust!!! Love the softness of the pinks!!

Debbie Miller
186. Oct 16, 2019

Starry night is my favorite. I’ve been on the lookout for a few more blue shades!

Kathryn B
185. Oct 16, 2019

i have my fingers crossed, my toes crossed and even my eyes crossed that I win…I would really love to win this set. the colors are gorgeous!! I love each and every one of them! My mind is already churning with all of the possibilities. Great job!

Susan A. Lorio
184. Oct 16, 2019

It’s hard to choose a favorite set! All the colors are so luscious! If I had to pick I’d have to say my favorites are island oasis and would of Provence but then there’s fairy dust! I love them all.

Lisa Squier
183. Oct 16, 2019

These look amazing! Congratulations. I love the Soul of Provence set. They are stunning.

182. Oct 16, 2019

Beautiful colors! Thank you for the chance to win!

Dinah Weller
181. Oct 16, 2019

Beautiful colors! Looking forward to checking out all the inspiration on the hop. What a wonderful give away. I would freak out if I was selected.

Tracy Shultz
180. Oct 16, 2019

The Morning Sky set is the one I’m most drawn to having seen these wonderful swatches!

Mika Giddings
179. Oct 16, 2019

Wow!! The inks look yummy! Would love to try them! I’m off to hop and see some great inspiration I’m sure!!

Dana W
178. Oct 16, 2019

I love all of the beautiful colors!

Krystle Thomas
177. Oct 16, 2019

I love how everything is color coordinated!

Krystle Thomas
176. Oct 16, 2019

Oh what gorgeous colors! I love that they come in color families for layer stamping. Cardstock in the future??

Dana M
175. Oct 16, 2019

I love the Rise and Shine set!

174. Oct 16, 2019

Ahhh putting these colors together will REALLY help those of us who do t have a talent for that kind of thing!!! Thanks so much. It’s what I’ve needed!

Melanie Ayers
173. Oct 16, 2019

I love Island Oasis, dye ink pads are cool.

172. Oct 16, 2019

I love all the colors of ink pads, my fave is the Fairy dust.

171. Oct 16, 2019

Such a scrumptious collection of inks … and such delicious colour families! I’m especially tempted by Island Oasis, Morning Sky and those lovely warm Rise And Shine shades … they put me in mind of tropical places! Anita :)

Anita in France
170. Oct 16, 2019

Whoa! These look fabulous! And I love the way the swatches are done – easy to see all the combos! Impossible to choose only one colour, but I do love the pinks and the teals for sure!

Mirella Rogan

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