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Paper Collection Reveal: Super Cool + GIVEAWAY

Paper Collection Reveal: Super Cool + GIVEAWAY

Happy Friday, Pinkfresh friends! Today is the first of three days of new product reveals! We will be sharing a brand new paper collection each day that will be available in early 2020.

Today we are excited to reveal the Super Cool collection! Geared towards tweens and early teens, this collection includes bold color combos, and fun elements that you will be able to use for your daily life as well. This on trend collection was designed by Geralyn Sy, Inna Moreva and Kaitlin Sheaffer.

You will love creating layouts all about your tweens and what they are into at this time in their life. There are also so many elements throughout that you can use for daily life, it is perfect for pocket pages, mini albums and cards as well!

Check out the collection in full:

12x12 Paper Pack

12x12 Paper - Hashtag

12x12 Paper - Bright Side

12x12 Paper - Be Right Back

12x12 Paper - Highlight

12x12 Paper - Full of Adventures

12x12 Paper - Choir

12x12 Paper - Fun Times

12x12 Paper - Current Mood

6x6 Paper Pad

Puffy Stickers

Diecut Ephemera Pack

Cardstock Stickers

Acetate Speech Bubbles

Pocket Tags

Puffy Alpha Stickers

Mini Puffy Alpha Stickers

Enamel Dots

This collection will start shipping to our retailers mid-January!

Here is YOUR chance to win the complete Super Cool collection! Please leave us a comment letting us know what you think of our tween/early teen paper collection, and what your favorite paper or embellishment is!

We will post the winners on Friday, January 3rd to our GIVEAWAY PAGE. Be sure to check that page to see if you are a winner, and follow the instructions to claim your prize. Prizes must be claimed within two weeks.

We hope that you love this new collection as much as we do!


98. Jan 15, 2020

I love every bit of this line, but the puffy stickers are my favorite!

97. Jan 10, 2020

Oooh I love this collection! While this was created for teens, anyone could really use this! I love the colors and graphics! I actually love everything in it but if I had to choose I’d pick the ephemera pack!

96. Jan 07, 2020

As a mom of boys in high school and college….I LOVE. This collection. I love all of it. The speech bubbles are great and I love the stickers too!

Tisa Browne
95. Jan 07, 2020

Fabulous collection! I love all the card stock stickers! Such fun sayings! My favorite is; Warning: Emotional Teenager. Approach with Caution! Haha. With 8 kids, 3 of them teenagers, this is awesome!!

Sarina Coffin
94. Jan 03, 2020

Super-fun collection with a bright clean look!!
<3 J

jwoolbright at gmail dot com

Janis in ID
93. Jan 02, 2020

The enamel dots are awesome.

Marisela Delgado
92. Jan 02, 2020

So cute and creative! With three teenage grandkids I need product that speaks to their lives. I love those puffy stickers. Thank-you

Madeline Bla
91. Jan 02, 2020

At last – a fab collection just for teens! I really love the ephemera pack!

Giselle Homer
90. Jan 02, 2020

This collection is awesome! I love the designs and color scheme! Such a hip collection!

Michaele Figueroa
89. Jan 02, 2020

Lovely collection, I love the paper with mobile (Be right) and backpack (Full of adventures)!

Beatrix Revhelyi
88. Jan 02, 2020

Yay, yay yay, a collection for teens!! I just love the bold colours in this one and those acetate speech bubbles are so fun, they are my fav!

Gwen Wruck
87. Jan 01, 2020

This is a great idea for crafting for young adults! The paper is great! And all the accessories too!

Teresa Funke
86. Jan 01, 2020

Love the Adventure papers. My granddaughters are a little young but this would really spark some imagination. For the embellishments, got to be enamel dots. Thanks for this chance to win…

Anne Sturgeon
85. Jan 01, 2020

Fun paper pack for tweens! I love the speech bubbles!

84. Jan 01, 2020

Love the Full of Adventures paper-so cool for a teen journal!

Barbara Chmura
83. Jan 01, 2020

I love, love, love this new collection. Such nice and fun colors.

82. Jan 01, 2020

Love this collection! Perfect for my kids. It can be used for many of their activites and all in one collection. My favorite is the “polaroid” frames that I would use for putting in my own photos and then embellishing with the fantastic stickers.

81. Jan 01, 2020

This is a great looking collection! My favorite paper is the hashtag paper!

Elizabeth Moore
80. Jan 01, 2020

Great design and colors to get teens involved with crafting fun!

79. Jan 01, 2020

This would be perfect for my Grandson’s book that I’m doing.

Ronda Miller
78. Jan 01, 2020

I love that there is a teenage line. I think the colours are a bit muted, but I love the patterns on the papers and the great puffy stickers.

77. Jan 01, 2020

This is perfect for the teenage years! I love the speech bubbles!

76. Jan 01, 2020

What a FUN new collection!!! I love the bright colors and unique designs!!! My favorite is the Diecut Ephemera Pack…so many super cool pieces!!! Looking forward to seeing what the Design Team creates with this!

Joni A
75. Jan 01, 2020

Yes, please! With two teenage boys, this collection is perfect to scrap all their antics! There is nothing not to love, but my favorite are the tags – super fun designs and shapes.

Allison Paul
74. Jan 01, 2020

Fun loving colors. Brings happy thoughts.

73. Jan 01, 2020

I really like the collection, it’s so BRIGHT.& cheerful!! My favorite is HASHTAG it makes my heart won’t to DANCE!!!!

Denise Raley
72. Jan 01, 2020

I really like the collection, it’s so BRIGHT.& cheerful!! My favorite is HASHTAG it makes my heart won’t to DANCE!!!!

Denise Raley
71. Jan 01, 2020

I really like the collection, it’s so BRIGHT.& cheerful!! My favorite is HASHTAG it makes my heart won’t to DANCE!!!!

Denise Raley
70. Jan 01, 2020

I really like the collection, it’s so BRIGHT.& cheerful!! My favorite is HASHTAG it makes my heart won’t to DANCE!!!!

Denise Raley
69. Jan 01, 2020

Love so many of the papers! The card stock stickers are great and versatile.

68. Jan 01, 2020


Denise Raley
67. Jan 01, 2020


Denise Raley
66. Jan 01, 2020

Fantastic release love it all. The pocket tags are great.

Debbie P
65. Jan 01, 2020

I like all the fun bright colors. My son will love these papers for his teen pages. Thanks.

Jenny McGee
64. Dec 31, 2019

This would be perfect for my 14 year old grandson!! Teenage boy paper is so hard to find!

Fran Long
63. Dec 31, 2019

Fab new collection! Love the colors, they can work for male or female! Its nice to have a collection that can work for that teen/tween age group!!

Dana W
62. Dec 31, 2019

Loud and fast, just like teenagers! LOL

Gail Davidson
61. Dec 30, 2019

What a fun collection this is

60. Dec 30, 2019

What awesome stuff! I think this is awesome and will be much better than kids getting stuck on their computers. I love polka dots so the enamel dots are my fave.

Marisela Delgado
59. Dec 30, 2019

This is awesome. I like that it is geared slightly towards boys, I’ve got four of them and finding products to suit isn’t always easy. Having said that it could easily be used for girls too, well done designers 👍

Sue FitzGerald
58. Dec 30, 2019

Super fun and hip collection ! Love the bright colors…can’t wait to see what the design team does !

Cindy A
57. Dec 30, 2019

The 12×12 papers for sure! Love the bright, vibrant color scheme!

Sarah Souza
56. Dec 30, 2019

I so totally see my son’s latest photos on these papers! And those embellishments?! WOW! Love! Love! Love!

55. Dec 30, 2019

What a fun collection! Perfect for my son’s teen years. I love all the cool icons.

Lisa C.
54. Dec 30, 2019

Love the fresh feel of this collection. The Choir paper is my favorite.

Heather V
53. Dec 30, 2019

Amazing work! The colours are fabulous and the icons are so adorable! Can’t wait to play with this one :D

Erica Backhaus
52. Dec 29, 2019

Oh, I just love these. My favorite is the paper with the shoes. The pennants are another of my favorites. Just adorable for teens and preteens. LOVE the softer colors.

Sharon Gullikson
51. Dec 29, 2019

I love that Choir paper!! Looks like a fun collection to play with!

Amber Bissonnette
50. Dec 29, 2019

Love this collection! Perfect for my tween boy! Love the Current Mood paper!

Kelly Guercio
49. Dec 29, 2019

Another funky collection perfect for documenting those older years but I also love that we could document our everyday lives using this too. Love all the embellishments but the acetate pieces are my fave!

Raquel Bowman

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