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Floral Cards + Gift Bags

Floral Cards + Gift Bags

Hello, Pinkfresh fans!  It's so nice to be back here on the PF blog after a brief break.  I have to tell you it's so refreshing, too, to come back to an entirely NEW collection!  Indigo Hills is pretty fresh, don't you think?!

I am all about those florals so that's what my projects are based on today.  I have two cards and two gift bags.  I'll begin with the cards...

There's nothing quite like a new set of die cuts, is there?  I was piling them on the "Beautiful" card left & right!  Because there is a lot of white space in IH (which I love), I decided to offset some of it by incorporating different textures.  White on white on white can sometimes be a bit tricky so I mixed in lace, doily swatches, and an embroidery floss bow in deep blue.  Chipboard hearts from the IH collection and even the faux paint splatters of the patterned paper itself lent some texture, as well.

I used foam dots to lift up a few of the die cuts for dimension and even bent the floral hearts a bit to avoid the details looking flat.  I especially wanted them to stand out so I kind of propped them up between the ebbs in the sentiment for a layered appearance.

For the "Amazing" card, I used a few of the same tricks--texture, paper creases, dimension.

This card has less going on and one thing I really wanted was for the flower trio not to sit flat against the paper.  All I did to achieve this was to only adhere them by the bottom of each of their stems.  They sort of prop each other up, too, as they are stacked on top of each other.

While I fully admit that I'm usually drawn to those very popular colors of peach and aqua, it's been a treat working with something completely different.  I'm always happy to try new colors and this card in particular is a bit unexpected with the indigo and navy blues, chartreuse, and pale pink.  It was a great excuse to add a purply-beet-hued bow to the mix!

There is something so feminine about these floral prints.  They remind me of vintage sheets or an apron that my grandmother used to have.  I drew from that nostalgia to create these gift bags.

You don't get more retro than using kraft wrap so I took some kraft paper bags and added lace to them--a very feminine, vintage touch.  Mixing different scraps from the 6x6 papers of 'Moorland' and 'Palisades,' I crafted my wrappings.

A simple life indeed.  It's the perfect sentiment for this bag...and I kept the wrapping simple, too.  Lace on the flap, papers and doilies layered underneath the fold, a tag, a flower, some seam binding, and a tassel.  Simple but so pretty.  And that's the point.

Oh, and a mini clothespin covered in that breathtaking floral washi.  (*Kinnari, can you please make this print into a fabric?  Pretty please?!)

The second bag is a bit busier, but still retains that vintage feel with it's lace, paper doily, and trims.  And, of course, the patterned paper tags.

Again, the clothespin's possibly my favorite part of the entire package.

So I had to make more...I'm hooked!  I hope you will be, too!


--Rebecca xo


3. Sep 09, 2016

Oh so girly and pretty!

kirsty vittetoe
2. Sep 08, 2016

Sooo pretty!!!

1. Sep 08, 2016

Beautiful cards and bags! My Indigo Hills collection is on its way – can’t wait to get started!


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