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Everyday Musings Layered Tags | Rebecca Luminarias

Everyday Musings Layered Tags | Rebecca Luminarias

Hello!  Everyday Musings has happily come across my desk and I wasted no time creating a bunch of tags with it.  With all those pretty colors, I have to say these tags almost made themselves!

The basis for most of the tags are the pocket cards.  I love using these because they're great for the kind of layering I like to do, and already cut to 3" x 4" so sized just right.

Some have colored borders and white interior space; some have color all over, and some are covered in pretty design details.  I keep this in mind when I'm building the tags--will I use the card's design as a focal point or will the card be partially visible only?  Most of the time, it just depends on what I'm pairing them with--which stickers or ephemera pieces?  What will my sentiment be and what size?

I turned to the 6x6 paper pad for more inspiration for the background layers, as well, choosing to create them with the colorful, smaller versions of Full of JoySmall Things,  Time for Fun, and Beautiful.  I ended up using a good size piece of each of the papers and then used the leftover scraps to embellish different tags--a thin strip here, a wider, larger cutting there.

In between the layers of papers and pocket cards I added texture in the way of white paper doilies and white lace.  I love the frill of the doily edge or the softness of the lace...sometimes, I even chose a little of both.

Then came the embellishing!  I chose a lot of floral die cuts for this set of tags, including flowers in vases.  They offer so much color and beautiful lines, and I love the way can curve around and frame my sentiment.

There are also a few chipboard frames on the tags, as well.  I was happy to see a whole chipboard sheet of them in this collection because I've been a big fan of the frames from the last few collections.  I don't frame photos with them on layouts, but I love how they can encompass a sentiment or anchor a handful of smaller elements together.  Sometimes I'll even use them for a pop of color, just peeking out from underneath a pocket card or paper piece.

About half of the sentiments were from the Phrase Stickers, while the other half came courtesy of the Ephemera pack.  I chose positive, cheerful messages like 'bright happy days' and 'all things sunny & bright.'

I just love having a bunch of new tags in my stash, and these--with all their pretty hues and images--are perfect for any happy occasion!  I hope you're able to go out and make something that radiates sunshine today!


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