A Gift from Start to Finish

Posted on 08 October 2016

Hi!  It's Rebecca back with you today and I'm going to walk you through a handmade gift from start to 'that's a wrap'!  This one is simple, fun, and oh, so pretty thanks to Pinkfresh floral washi tape!

The gift itself is a set of notecards that I made for my aunt.  They are flat, white card stock, trimmed to a 4-bar size ( 3 1/2" x 4 7/8" ).  With orange ink, I stamped 'a note to say hello' from the Indigo Hills stamp set at the top.  While these cards have quick and easy stamping, you can choose from any of Pinkfresh's current line up of stamps for a more elaborate design if you'd rather.  I chose simple to leave more room for the written portion of the note itself, and also because the washi tape is already a gorgeous, eye-catching pattern.

At the bottom of the cards, I adhered the strip of tape as a border.  It's bright, inviting, and who doesn't want to be greeted with a beautiful bouquet of colorful flowers?  I made a set of 6 notecards altogether and paired them with Paper Source envelopes in Blossom, Chartreuse, and Night.

For gift giving, I packaged them in a clear plastic folding stationery box.  The box was just the right fit and will keep the contents from shifting too much and getting damaged when I send them off to my aunt.

Then it was time for my favorite part of gifting--the wrapping!  I very much wanted the outside to match the contents on the inside of the package so I chose papers and embellishments that did just that.  I wrapped the box with 'Blue Valley' floral blue paper, then tied pale pink tulle and Dusty Olive seam binding around it.

The package wouldn't be complete without a tag so with a few scraps of Indigo Hills paper, I set about to make one.  My 'Sierra' paper was too big so instead of a clean cut, I carefully tore off the lower part for a more textured look, then lightly dragged a gold paint pen over the torn edge.

After that, a strip of Gold Foiled Floral vellum and swatch of lace before adding the scrap of 'Moorland' paper (to match the washi!) and 2 die cuts.  Not too shabby, but if I'm honest, I did spend more time making the tag than any other part of this project.  It just wasn't coming together right, which happens to me sometimes (okay, often), and it takes a few tries to get exactly what I want.  But with a little perseverance, it finally came together.

After slipping the finished tag through the ribbon and tulle tail, the final touch was tying on the 2 tassels in pink and chartreuse.  I find the texture of the embroidery floss, and the saturated hues, lend beautiful, rich color to most of my projects.  Plus, you can find it in nearly every color--or something incredibly close--which makes it even more of a treat!

Thanks for joining me on this gift from start to finish...I hope you've been inspired to try it, too!

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  • Maye M.L: October 08, 2016

    A very thoughtful gift. It is certain to be received with as much love as it was made. Cheers!

  • Margaret: October 08, 2016

    Lovely idea, and simple to make, too! I know someone who would love this, so I’ll have to get busy!

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