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Posted on 25 May 2014

I am Margareta and I am super excited to be a part of the Pinkfresh team and to share my first post with you today. I really played around with all the wonderful Pinkfresh embellishments and I had so much fun. You are welcome to stay with me through the entire post, and to download my 'Build the Page' pdf file and watch the quick tip videos with some extra ideas. Don't miss that.

Let's begin with the gorgeous colorblock wood veneers. They are absolutely unique and I have never seen anything like them before.

You can use those shapes just as they are, like I did with the envelopes on the 'Happy Mail' card below, or you can play with them and create new shapes and forms.

On the 'Grow' card above, I made three lovely flowers for a card for a passionate gardener. I used the arrows as stems, the hearts as petals and the chevron shape as leaves. The chevrons are currently unavailable, so I recommend you to use the triangles instead. Tip: The geotag veneers can easily form a beautiful flower with the geotags as petals.

I used one of the geotag veneers on the neon colored gift tag for a house warming present. The cute enamel houses were perfect for this project, along with some beautiful washi and glitter tape. Tip: Placing your embellishments on a diagonal line makes the design a little bit more exciting than the usual horizontal layout. I finished the tag with three enamel hearts from the same neon colored pack as the houses.

I must say that I am in love with the glitter tapes! The are silk soft and they glitter in different ways in different kinds of light. You just have to hold them in your hands and see for yourself!

Last, but not least, I built a page almost exclusively with Pinkfresh Studio embellishments:

I chose purple as the color theme for this page, with a few green accents, to pick up the colors in the photo. Radiant Orchid is the Pantone Color of the Year for 2014, and I have used the purple tones quite frequently this year.

You can learn how I built this page, step by step, with a few technique tips. Download your free pdf file here! I have also made a couple of quick tips videos. One for designing the perfect journaling spot on any page, and one for punching/die cutting from thin and sticky washi and glitter tapes.

Can you spot the common denominator on my projects today? I'm using the 'magic recipe' from dear old 'Charmed' TV series (remember that one?): "The power of three shall set you free." Using three of the same embellishment is a classic design tip that makes it easy for you to create a beautifully balanced page.

Thank you for looking! I hope that you both got inspired and learned one or two new tricks. Now, head over to the Pinkfresh Studio boutique and get some fun and beautiful things to play with. Happy scrapping!

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