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Be Inspired

My little scrap corner

Hello everyone! Here Agnieszka :)
I want to show my little work area.
I live in an old house, which still renovating, My work area is in the bedroom, I can not here to put many cabinets. I have a little space and therefore does not have a lot of materials. But there are things that I love, and for them there will always be plenty of space ;) I have two desks, one stands Cameo and photo printer.

 On the second desk is eternal mess, everything I need to have on hand if you hide it I will not use.

Beside him is a bookcase in which I keep the papers, albums, and many other odds and ends.

On my desk is colorfully

in a small cabinet with drawers hid chipboards, chalks, paint, washi tape, etc.

Pink Fresh has its own special place <3

My place is not huge, beautiful studio. But really, I can create everywhere, if it gives joy and happiness.

Have a gret day!! xo

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