Sweet, Simple Moments with Rebecca

Posted on 08 June 2016

Hey there!  I'm stepping into June by sharing a couple cards I made featuring packaging and the color purple.  It's always nice when you can use a product's ephemera on a project and I think purple is on the verge of a major comeback!

My first card uses a bit of the Felicity packaging on it--it's a such a pretty, happy word and part of the branding for this line draws on that.  I used my go-to color scheme of pink, aqua, and yellow here and played on the typography of the defined word.  Yellow is also a part of the branding for Felicity--possibly because it's the color of sunshine?!--so I didn't hesitate to capitalize on that. 

What's happier than sweet, simple moments?  Not much these days, I'm afraid.  It's easy to get lost in everyday life--the routine, the hustle, the daily grind.  So here's our little reminder to savor those few and far between moments of quiet simplicity.

I used the packaging from the Felicity stamp set, tearing it carefully to get the textured, ripped bottom piece which peeks out from underneath the strips of patterned paper and washi tape.  I covered the Pinkfresh logo (I'm sorry PS--you know I love you!) with the tassels, and left the defined Felicity in full view, as part of the card decor.

I always love using packaging from my favorite products; when it's done right, you can tell much thought went into the design of it, so I don't waste it.

For my second card, I wanted to get away from my go-to color scheme.  While never much of a purple fan in the past, I'm starting to love it more and more.  However, you won't find purple in LN nor Felicity so I brought in a few of my own embellishments to mix with the PS products and I love the way it turned out.

I used gray as my backdrop, as I like the moodiness of gray and purple together.  I did add some yellow since it compliments the purple so well, and I wanted to bring in a sunnier color to offset the the darker hues.

From my stash, I selected a purple doily, some fabric, and an embroidery floss bow.  They are different shades of purple, but they all work together.

I used a small piece of washi tape to bring in another pop of yellow, and took the rest from bits like patterned paper, fabric (my own again), and a journal card.  The wood You + Me / Awesome block is the finishing touch, bringing in that hint of gold.

Thanks for hanging out with me today.  Take some time to enjoy life's simple moments--like maybe a new color palette or pretty packaging...


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