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Thank You Pop-Up Inspiration Card┃Yasmin Diaz

Thank You Pop-Up Inspiration Card┃Yasmin Diaz

Happy Monday, Pinkfresh friends! Yasmin here sharing with you a dainty thank you inspiration card made with a “Pop-Up” effect using: Dotted Lattice Coverplate Die to make the dainty die-cutting front card background and Fancy Circles Die along with Sentiment Suite: Thank You Hot Foil to create the dimensional clean and simple belly band closure for it. Also to make this card, I used Pears & Pomegranates Washi and Pears & Pomegranates Die to make the inner pop-up elements. So, without further ado let’s jump right into the step-by-step for how I made it.

Therefore, I started off by getting the hot foil stamping done for the thank you sentiment so, to do that first, I went ahead to use my Glimmer Hot Foil System along with my Platinum 6 die cut machine and a piece of Glimmer Hot Foil Roll - Gold to get the Sentiment Suite: Thank You Hot Foil hot foil stamped over a large piece of white cardstock.

Secondly, after getting the hot foil stamping step done, I proceeded to work inside of an A2 size side folding card base in a landscaping form to add the pop-up mechanism to it. So, to do that, I went ahead to trim down a piece of white cardstock to H 5-1/2 x W 3-1/2 inches. Then, I placed the cardstock piece with the longer side to the right over my score boar tool to trace some scoring lines over it using my Teflon bone folder.

Thus, I went ahead to trace the scoring line over it at 1/2, 1-1/4, 2.0, 2-3/4, 3-1/2, 4-1/4,and 5.0 inches marks. Once, I had added the scoring lines over the piece of white cardstock, I went ahead to fold them over in a accordion way leaving both 1/2 inches on each end so, I could get them adhered to the top and bottom flaps of the card.

So, to get the ends adhered to the card base first, I went ahead to mark the center of the flap right at 2-1/8 using a ruler and a pencil. Second, I went to ahead to hold the front of the folds outwards and then I fussy cut out with my scissors two lines in the right side of the second fold. Then, I repeated the same step to fussy cut out another two lines in the next fold but this time, I did it on the left side. By the way, I left about 1/2 in between each line of both steps. Having that said, after adding the fussy cut out lines, I went ahead to pop them out adding that way an extra pop-up element between the folds.

In the image above, you can appreciate more how those extra cuts add up the extra pop-up effect between the folds. So, after adding that to the pop-up mechanism, I went ahead to get the first end adhered with double-sided adhesive to the bottom flap of the card, take a look in the previous image as, you can see there a little pencil dot mark in the center to make a reference where I’ve gotten it adhered.

Moving on, after getting the bottom end adhered to the card base, I went ahead to use Pears & Pomegranates Washi and Pears & Pomegranates Die to create the die-cutting pop-up elements for the card. This step was quite simple, as all I did was to unroll the Pears & Pomegranates Washi and tape it down over a large piece of white cardstock then, I used its coordinating to cut the images out from the cardstock just as, I had done it before with all Pinkfresh Studio Washi-tape Rolls. Therefore, after getting the die-cutting step done, I proceeded to gluing down some of the large die-cutting images in the inner top flap of the card and then, I got the other end adhered to the card flap just like I did for the bottom part. Lastly, after getting that done, I went ahead to glue down the rest of the die-cutting images to the folds completing that way, the full pop-up effect look.

By the way, I would like to add that when adding the pop-up elements, make sure to get them gluing down in a way that won’t stick out when getting the card closed; having that said, this is how the pop-up mechanism looks like when it’s fully folded, when the card it’s closed.

This card, it’s a very dimensional one due the inner pop-up effect so, I’d like to mention that this card will not fit on a standard A2 size envelope and requires a belly band or any type of special closure to keep it close. Also, when delivering, I would recommend to delivery by hand or mail it out on a sturdy cardboard or bubble type on envelopes. That said, to get the front of the card embellished, I went ahead to use Dotted Lattice Coverplate Die to cut out the die-cutting background 3X from Kraft cardstock.

Thus, after finishing the die-cutting process for the background, I went ahead to layer them over to add dimension and then, I got it gluing down to the front of the card. If happens that you re-create this card, please make sure to do this step before adding the inner pop-up effect to avoid waiting extra time to get the background adhered to the card front due the bulkiness of the inner pop-up effect.

Lastly, to create the belly band closure for this card, I used white cardstock and the dies included in Fancy Circles Die. Also, I used one of the circle dies to cut out the hot foil stamped sentiment that I had done it at the beginning of the post and then, I layered them over using pieces of craft foam adhesive to add dimension to it.

Finally, to finish the card off, I went ahead to get the dimensional die-cutting circles adhered to a large piece of translucent vellum and then, I proceeded to wrap the vellum around the card but not too, tight to have a little room so, the card can slide in and out from the closure. By the way, I decided to add an extra card sentiment at the very end so, to do that, I used one of the pre-made hot foiled sentiments from Foiled Sentiments 3 and you can see how it looks in the image below.
NOTE: By leaving a blank space over the bottom card flap, you are going to be able to write a personal message but if you prefer not to, you can also add a hidden personal message by writing it on a small piece of white cardstock and then by placing it under the pop-up effect.

With that being said, thank you so much for stopping by we hope you have enjoyed reading the step-by-step for how I’ve made this dainty thank you inspiration card with a “Pop-Up” effect using amazing products by Pinkfresh Studio. And, if you get inspired by today’s project don’t forget to tag us @pinkfreshstudio and use #pinkfreshstudio so we can see your projects! Happy crafting and much love to you and yours.

Crafty Hugs,
- Yasmin


3. Sep 12, 2022

I love this card! Christmas is my favorite season! So many pretties for my Christmas cards!

2. Aug 22, 2022

Yasmin, what a gorgeous card. This turned out exquisite with all the details that went into making card. I simply love it. 💜💜

1. Aug 22, 2022

This is stunning! Love it so much. Is there a YouTube or a way to save this blog? Maybe to Pinterest! Thanks so so much ! Francie

Francie Davies

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