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Stenciling Fun Blog Hop with Waffle Flower

Stenciling Fun Blog Hop with Waffle Flower

Welcome to the Stenciling Fun Blog Hop! Share a love for stenciling, we are happy to be hopping with the folks from Waffle Flower to show you their new Stencil Mats along with our stenciling products!

Here are a few projects from our Design Team:



Dilay Nacar


Raquel Arribas

Yasmin Diaz


Carissa Wiley


Be sure to check out each stop in today’s blog hop for fun, inspiration, and chances to win some awesome prizes! 

You should have arrived here from Picket Fence Studios - and we are the final stop on the blog hop today!


There will be two (2) random winners drawn from all comments left on this blog: one to receive both of the new Stencil Mats by Waffle Flower and the other to receive a $25 Gift Certificate to the Pinkfresh Studio store. Comment on this post by 11:59pm EDT on Sunday September 19th, 2021 for your chances to win. Winners will be chosen at random and will be announced on the Waffle Flower Blog on Wednesday 9/22/2021.

There are more giveaways to enter on Instagram! Follow us @pinkfreshstudio and Waffle Flower @waffleflowercrafts so you don’t miss out! 


76. Feb 24, 2023

Hi administrator, Your posts are always well-supported by facts and figures.

Osvaldo Hatchett
75. Sep 20, 2021

Love all these projects — the Pinkfresh inks are so beautiful for blending!

Jennifer L.
74. Sep 19, 2021

So beautiful! My wish list keeps growing with each release. Great collaboration with Waffleflower.

Kathy Mc
73. Sep 19, 2021

Wonderful variety of cards using these new stenciling tools.

Sue D
72. Sep 19, 2021

Great cards and a fun hop. Love the new products. Especially the stenciling mats.

Joyace Feheley
71. Sep 19, 2021

Great cards and a fun hop. Love the new products. Especially the stenciling mats.

Joyace Feheley
70. Sep 19, 2021

Love the cards. The new stencil mat will help keep my desk clean. 😀🎈

Marie Curle
69. Sep 19, 2021

I love your products.

68. Sep 18, 2021

Love seeing all the ideas and stencil mat would definitely be of help

Mary Rosplock Stansfield
67. Sep 18, 2021

Awesome stencil projects by the designers! The stencil mats look so cool!

Susan McRae
66. Sep 17, 2021

Wonderful cards (how could you go wrong with Pinkfresh?). I’m really excited about this new stencil mat from Waffle Flower — it looks like the answer to my stenciling prayers!

Cyndi Morris
65. Sep 17, 2021

I like your stencils and stamps.

64. Sep 17, 2021

The stencil mats look like they would be a great pairing with your beautiful stencil designs! Love these gorgeous cards!

Denise Bryant
63. Sep 16, 2021

Looking at these beautiful cards I can see where the stencil mat would be a great help. Some of these cards are so detailed. Even when I use low tack tap, the stencils can move. With the stencil mat, I would feel much more confident.

Lynn Conlon
62. Sep 16, 2021

I loved the hop! So much great inspiration!

Amy Cooley
61. Sep 16, 2021

Gorgeous Cards! Loving the collaboration between companies!!

Shai Ward
60. Sep 16, 2021

Loving all these new products! The cards are beautiful. Love adding stenciling to my cards.

Diane Curtis
59. Sep 16, 2021

Beautiful cards. Awesome product, the stencil mat. Putting on my wishlist.

Carolyn DeLeo
58. Sep 16, 2021

Love love love the celebrate and thank you examples! Great use of color and stencil!

Kat D.
57. Sep 16, 2021

Everything is so bright & beautiful 🎨
Such An Amazing & Fun Giveaway !! I Really Love All These New Products , Thanks So Much For The Opportunity

Rebecca Campbell
56. Sep 16, 2021

Very cool products and cards made.

Kristin M
55. Sep 16, 2021

Great collaboration…love it when great companies share ideas and endorse each others’ products! Can’t wait to get a stencil mat!

Lori Prince
54. Sep 16, 2021

Love your products. I have only recently heard of you and I’m glad I found you. Love the cards. New stencil mat and brushes look amazing.

Anthea Campbell
53. Sep 16, 2021

your customer service is on point

Marcianna Paradiso
52. Sep 16, 2021

I’ve had fun doing my first blog hop with everyone today. The mats look like they are a very good tool to have. Thank you

Melodie Bushaw
51. Sep 16, 2021

Lovely cards!

Rema DeLeeuw
50. Sep 15, 2021

Love these cards! And love this blog hop as I have found some awesome retailers to help inspire me.

49. Sep 15, 2021

Beautiful cards. Need to add the stencil mat to my wishlist

Carol Mleziva
48. Sep 15, 2021

Beautiful cards with beautiful ink blending! Adding the stencil mat to my wishlist.

Kathleen Dippner
47. Sep 15, 2021

Beautiful cards! Dilay’s layered rainbow color background is stunning

Laurie Black
46. Sep 15, 2021

Gorgeous designs!! 😍😍

Donna M
45. Sep 15, 2021

Love the cards. Never stenciled, but I am eager to start trying it.

Margie Fulcher
44. Sep 15, 2021

All the designs were great. Thanks.

Penny S
43. Sep 15, 2021

You have an awesome design team. Love all of the stenciling examples!!!

Cindy Smythe
42. Sep 15, 2021

I am enjoying the versatility of stenciling! Will budget my crafting dollars to purchase a stencil mat soon!

Donna Jill Roy
41. Sep 15, 2021

Love the cards! Stenciling is so much fun!

Mary W.
40. Sep 15, 2021

Love the cards! Stenciling is so much fun!

Mary W.
39. Sep 15, 2021

Your cards are beautiful! Thanks for sharing about this new stencil mat,

Mary Ann Denyer
38. Sep 15, 2021

I love that you used pastel tones and bright tones, too! Makes for great variety!

Carol Wehner
37. Sep 15, 2021

Beautiful examples!

Charlene Dann
36. Sep 15, 2021

I’ve heard Pink Fresh mentioned a lot, but this is the first time I’ve visited the site. Many appealing products!

35. Sep 15, 2021

Wonderful cards. I love stencils, definitely need a mat!

Tara S
34. Sep 15, 2021

wow so many wonderful designs and techniques to drool over – thanks for sharing

Dee Earnshaw
33. Sep 15, 2021

Love love love the examples. They definitely make me want to stencil more. The new stencil mat seems like it will be a very nice tool to use.

Gloria Cavett
32. Sep 15, 2021

WOW! so many absolutely gorgeous cards! I so love all of the different stenciling techniques too!

Cindy Holmes
31. Sep 15, 2021

Great samples. Love the new stenciling mat

Phyllis Zimmerman
30. Sep 15, 2021

I really like all of these cards. I’m getting more in to stencils now I need one of the mats!

29. Sep 15, 2021

Love all of the inspirational card samples from your design team!
Thanks for being part of this blog hop.

Name *Lori
28. Sep 15, 2021

Fantastic samples. Especially love the beauty Thinking of You card. Thank you all for sharing with us🙂

Jan Baker
27. Sep 15, 2021

Gorgeous cards. the new mats seem designed to go with all your cool stencils.

Kathy Thisted

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