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September Essentials Mini Release

September Essentials Mini Release

We've been sneak peeking our brand new Stamp Press Tool for a couple months now, and we are excited to share that it is now available for purchase! This is part of our newest collection called Studio Essentials, which will be a slow building collection as we add high quality tools with a focus on sustainability.

The base of our stamp press is wood that has been painted in that quintessential Pinkfresh Studio blush, with a high quality felt bottom to help protect the door of your stamping platform. We opted for a gorgeous brass handle with our logo inlaid right to the center. Our focus was to make this tool beautiful, functional, and plastic free. We are SO excited about how it turned out!

We also have a brand new embellishment being added to our Essentials collection called Glitter Drops. Offered in a rainbow of colors, these flat backed faceted jewels have a glittery finish to really help them shine! Each pouch contains 4 sizes of the glitter drops, ranging from 3-6mm in size. Just think of how stunning these will look on all your papercrafting projects!


Grand Prizes: One comment from this blog post, our Instagram post, and our Facebook post about this release will win the entire release! Winners will be announced by end of business day on October 4, 2022.


In order to protect our designs, we photograph our products at an angle. If applicable to the release, we have listed all sentiments in the stamp set link descriptions.

Stamp Press Tool

Glitter Drops: Gold

Glitter Drops: Champagne

Glitters Drops: Jade

Glitter Drops: Leaf

Glitter Drops: Aqua

Glitter Drops: Lagoon

Glitter Drops: Amethyst

Glitter Drops: Magenta

Glitter Drops: Blush

Glitter Drops: Blossom

Glitter Drops: Ruby

Glitter Drops: Butterscotch

We are so excited about this new release, and hope that you are too! All of these new Essential items are listed in the NEW section of our site. 

Please allow 7-10 business days to receive a shipping notification. We appreciate your patience!

It's GIVEAWAY time! Let us know in the comments below what your faves & must haves are to be entered to win the ENTIRE release! We can't wait to hear what you think! Don't will be posted on the GIVEAWAY PAGE by business end on October 4th. You must check this page to see if you won, and follow the instructions to claim your prize. 


154. Sep 26, 2022

Love the sparkle for the holidays—can’t pick a favorite.

Candy Clay
153. Sep 26, 2022

Yes please, what a great way to start a Monday. I am speechless over the sparkly jewels the colors are exquisite. The pink press tool is on my list of must haves….

patricia elkins
152. Sep 26, 2022

These new embellishments are gorgeous! I particularly like the Butterscotch and Leaf, but all of these colors are must haves. Perhaps we may see a lemon yellow in our futures? Love this new release!

Laura McPherson
151. Sep 26, 2022

What a great release. Those glitter drops are calling my name and my stash NEEDS every one of the 12 delights.

Wanda Hook
150. Sep 26, 2022

Love all the glitter drops, all the colours are gorgeous!
I’ve been waiting for the stamp press tool to become available.
Thanks for the chance to win!

Debbie Br
149. Sep 26, 2022

The new glitter drops are so pretty….such a beautiful assortment of colors! Hard to pick just one favorite, but with the holidays coming up and since I love to use non-traditional colors for my holiday cards, the blush, aqua and lagoon glitter drops would be fabulous!!

Marsha Freer
148. Sep 26, 2022

What an exciting release – Can’t wait to purchase the stamp press, I have been using an old eraser. The new jewels are just in time for Christmas cards. Thank you for all the wonderful new items. Merry Christmas to me!!

147. Sep 26, 2022

Love all the colors of the Glitter drops! Stamping tool looks elegant!

Jackie Crane
146. Sep 26, 2022

Oh my those glitter drops are so amazing! I want all of the colors!

Tara Chaussee
145. Sep 26, 2022

I’m just thrilled! I have been anxiously awaiting the release of the stamp press tool. The glitter drops are a nice surprise and are so pretty! Love all the colors.

Beverly Perdue
144. Sep 26, 2022

Love, love, love! Beautiful new mini release!

Ingrid Aries
143. Sep 26, 2022

How delicious are those embellishments?! And I’m not sure I can live without the press, it’s SO pretty!

Stephanie Diehl
142. Sep 26, 2022

Love the stamp press! So beautiful and I love that it is made out of wood and brass! So timeless!!

Lexi D
141. Sep 26, 2022

Such a great mini Essentials release! The stamping tool is awesome and the glitter drops are so beautiful!

Judy Kay Stiles
140. Sep 26, 2022

You can never have too much bling! Love these colors and that beautiful sparkle. These are definitely a must have for my cardmaking supplies.

139. Sep 26, 2022

Oh my! Those gems are stunning! 😍😍

138. Sep 26, 2022

Love all the items in the new release! Beautiful colors! I’m excited to see how the stamp press works. I always love your new essentials. So much thought goes into them!!!

Jane Bachman
137. Sep 26, 2022

Oh my goodness. I love these sparkly gems. All the colors are gorgeous, but the butterscotch, champagne, gold and leaf are giving me delicious fall vibes. The press tool looks amazing.

136. Sep 26, 2022

I love all your products! The colors are gorgeous and the press tool is my next must have tool.

Michelle Lotan
135. Sep 26, 2022

I absolutely LOVE these glitter drops! I’m not into sequins so these are exactly what my cards are screaming for! Can’t wait to get them into my craft room! They are GORGEOUS!

134. Sep 26, 2022

Your new embellishments are to die for…oooh-la-la! Very beautiful, lovely colors and multi-sized in the same pack. LOVE IT. I also like that they are not adhesive, so they can be applied or used in shakers, nicely done.

Ellen “CardMonkey” Jarvis
133. Sep 26, 2022

L O V E the glitter drops! so very cool….. the stamp press is pretty as well!

Lillian Prost
132. Sep 26, 2022

The colors are beautiful and I love the fact that they are glitter!

131. Sep 26, 2022

I’ve been eyeing that stamp press. It looks very well made and classy. Love the glitter drops. Do you have any plans to offer a clear icicle drop?

130. Sep 26, 2022

OMG, you guys picked amazing colors! My favorites, I love blossom, aqua, lagoon, gold. If I have to pick one, hmm… blossom. Thanks for the opportunity to win this amazing release!

Miriam Matsuda
129. Sep 26, 2022

The best I can offer is “Wow!” The colors are delightful.

Joyce Batty
128. Sep 26, 2022

I just adore the Aqua and Blush Glitter Drops!

Helen Whaley
127. Sep 26, 2022

I love, love, love the new press tool! And the sequins are gorgeous! What a fun little release.

Pennie Glasser
126. Sep 26, 2022

LOVE the ruby glitter drops and the stamp press tool!

Kris S
125. Sep 26, 2022

LOVE the glitter drops! So great that the packages each have multiple sizes! Love all the colors! The stamp press is beautiful & would definitely be a treat to have! Thanks for the giveaway!

Greta H
124. Sep 26, 2022

Nice prize! My fave is the Ruby. As for a must have, and speaking on behalf of us “older” women with arthritis in our fingers, the stamp press for sure!

Liz Swenson
123. Sep 26, 2022

Love these beautiful colors!

Brenda Spierowski
122. Sep 26, 2022

Love all the sparkle! Need these for the cards I’m working on now. And the stamp press is so classy looking.

Diana K
121. Sep 26, 2022

Love all the colors! You can never have too much shimmer!

Jeannie F
120. Sep 26, 2022

Those glitter drops!! My heart is doing a happy dance just looking at them!

119. Sep 26, 2022

Oh my gosh. Those glitter drops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Judith Arri
118. Sep 26, 2022

Oh my goodness! The sparkle and the shades of colour and the stamp press looks like a fine piece of art. Someone is going to be VERY happy with this win.

117. Sep 26, 2022

I want all the drops! Though I do have a particular fondness for the blush color if you force me to pick. GORGEOUS!!!

Samantha Pfrimmer
116. Sep 26, 2022

Lovely colors….never can have to much sparkle!!!!

Jill A.
115. Sep 26, 2022

Love it all. These glitter drops will be beautiful with all your stamp and stencil sets. Can’t wait to use them!!

Cynthia Frick
114. Sep 26, 2022

Beautiful, Beautiful Glitter Drops!! Oh, the colors!

Jeanne Ragan
113. Sep 26, 2022

So excited… I love all the drops and I really need a stamp press tool. 😍

Deborah Hellman
112. Sep 26, 2022

The glitter drops are amazing, love all the colors!

Margaret S
111. Sep 26, 2022

Beautiful jewels! Can’t wait to see them in person.

Mary Whiting
110. Sep 26, 2022

Love these gem colors 😍

Leigh Gardner
109. Sep 26, 2022

What beautiful jewels s! Thanks for the giveaway!

Vikki H
108. Sep 26, 2022

All the sparkles would enhance any paper craft!

Rita Andrews
107. Sep 26, 2022

I love the Glitter Drops and all the colors! The Stamp Press Tool is pretty and a great tool! All perfect!!

Dottie Williams
106. Sep 26, 2022

Oh my! So hard to pick just one favorite. I love it all! I love love love the pinks, ruby, and aqua/ blues.

Jane Malone
105. Sep 26, 2022

Sure love those sparkly bits of goodness


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