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September Essentials Mini Release

September Essentials Mini Release

We've been sneak peeking our brand new Stamp Press Tool for a couple months now, and we are excited to share that it is now available for purchase! This is part of our newest collection called Studio Essentials, which will be a slow building collection as we add high quality tools with a focus on sustainability.

The base of our stamp press is wood that has been painted in that quintessential Pinkfresh Studio blush, with a high quality felt bottom to help protect the door of your stamping platform. We opted for a gorgeous brass handle with our logo inlaid right to the center. Our focus was to make this tool beautiful, functional, and plastic free. We are SO excited about how it turned out!

We also have a brand new embellishment being added to our Essentials collection called Glitter Drops. Offered in a rainbow of colors, these flat backed faceted jewels have a glittery finish to really help them shine! Each pouch contains 4 sizes of the glitter drops, ranging from 3-6mm in size. Just think of how stunning these will look on all your papercrafting projects!


Grand Prizes: One comment from this blog post, our Instagram post, and our Facebook post about this release will win the entire release! Winners will be announced by end of business day on October 4, 2022.


In order to protect our designs, we photograph our products at an angle. If applicable to the release, we have listed all sentiments in the stamp set link descriptions.

Stamp Press Tool

Glitter Drops: Gold

Glitter Drops: Champagne

Glitters Drops: Jade

Glitter Drops: Leaf

Glitter Drops: Aqua

Glitter Drops: Lagoon

Glitter Drops: Amethyst

Glitter Drops: Magenta

Glitter Drops: Blush

Glitter Drops: Blossom

Glitter Drops: Ruby

Glitter Drops: Butterscotch

We are so excited about this new release, and hope that you are too! All of these new Essential items are listed in the NEW section of our site. 

Please allow 7-10 business days to receive a shipping notification. We appreciate your patience!

It's GIVEAWAY time! Let us know in the comments below what your faves & must haves are to be entered to win the ENTIRE release! We can't wait to hear what you think! Don't will be posted on the GIVEAWAY PAGE by business end on October 4th. You must check this page to see if you won, and follow the instructions to claim your prize. 


254. Jul 18, 2023

Glitter drops!!

253. Oct 21, 2022

I have been watching some You Tube videos of crafters using a stamp press tool. I like that this Pinkfresh stamp tool is square which I think will cover more surface area when using.
The glitter drops are in gorgeous colors, definitely need some of those for my Christmas cards this year!

Marjorie Briggs
252. Oct 05, 2022

I can’t wait to see how these are used. The colors and the blig and gorgeous! They will make so many projects sparkle and you will just be Ooh Laa Laa when you see them!

Terri Luellen
251. Oct 02, 2022

I love the shine and glimmer of the glitter drops and all of the beautiful colors and sizes. You’ve definitely knocked it out of the park with these!

Sue Ellen Sherer
250. Oct 01, 2022

What a gorgeous essentials mini release I love how yall offer a rainbow of colors, everything is a must haves for me my top faves are the stamp press tool, the blush and aqua glitter drops

Ashley Cortez
249. Sep 30, 2022

I love these new glitter drops. I have so many of your sets, but I can’t wait to see what these look like on my projects. I think the glitter in them will really add an extra little pop to everything. And of course I would love to win the whole collection.

Christine S Schmitz
248. Sep 29, 2022

Love the glitter drops!! Thanks for the chance.:)

Sarah C
247. Sep 29, 2022

Ohhh, love the sparkles..can never have too much bling…..

246. Sep 28, 2022

The stamp press looks like my dream tool! Made of actual, genuine wood? Plastic free? For real? Sounds amazing! Except, I am not sure what advantage the tool would give me over and above what I can do with a stamping block and my own two hands? I would love to learn more!

The Ruby Glitter Drops are my favorites, although they all look pretty and useful. I’m betting they’ll make amazing flower centers for stamped, hand-colored flowers or for stenciled flowers.

Thanks for the giveaway! Y’all are super generous people.

Amy Solovay
245. Sep 28, 2022

Oh my goodness those GLITTER DROPS are so pretty.

Jayne Haumschild
244. Sep 27, 2022

That stamp tool looks so awesome! Loving all the glitter drops as well.
Such a great release!

Brenda K
243. Sep 27, 2022

LOVE the new GLITTER DROPS……………………………They are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cynthia J Miller
242. Sep 27, 2022

Love the sparkle in the glitter drops!

241. Sep 27, 2022

Those glitter drops are gorgeous and of course, would need every color.

Pat McCleary
240. Sep 27, 2022

Love the look of that tool…. And the gems are gorgeous!!!

239. Sep 27, 2022

Love the look of that tool…. And the gems are gorgeous!!!

238. Sep 27, 2022

So excited that the Stamp Press is finally available, a must have! The Glitter Drops are beautiful! Love the flat bottom. My favorite for Fall is Butterscotch and of course Gold as I love gold hot foil.

Candyce G Rude
237. Sep 27, 2022

Be still my heart, can a girl ever have too much bling? Those glitter drops are gorgeous, I can’t wait to get some!

236. Sep 27, 2022

Hello Gorgeous!
The jewels and the stamp press are must haves! The colors of the jewels are incredible. Aqua is my favorite!

Susan Mclandrich
235. Sep 27, 2022

Love the clean lines of the stamp press tool. My hands just don’t cooperate these days so this will help.

Clair Mixon
234. Sep 27, 2022

The stamp press tool is stunning! Pinkfresh, the quality of your materials are unmatched. And these jewels! Beautiful! I will slowly have to collect each color!

Kimberly Asman
233. Sep 27, 2022

I can’t wait to purchase the glitter drops in each color! They are stunning!

Sly A
232. Sep 27, 2022

I love all the glitter drop colors, pretty sure I’ll buy them all. 😂. That stamp press is gorgeous. The new release is amazing!

Tabitha Mackenzie
231. Sep 27, 2022

Those jewels! 😍😍😍 I love sparkle and pizzazz on my cards!

Marisela Delgado
230. Sep 27, 2022

What a fun release! I love those sparkly glitter gems!

Tracy Rivera
229. Sep 27, 2022

All the glitter drops are beautiful! How can I pick a favorite? I’m partial to blues, but that Ruby and the Champagne, and the greens…I’d have to have them ALL! I’ve had my eye on that stamping tool, too!

Dolores Owen
228. Sep 26, 2022

I love all of the glitter drops! Bling is my thing! So pretty!

Lisa Premo
227. Sep 26, 2022

I love me some sparkles!!!

226. Sep 26, 2022

I haven’t used dots or sequins before. The glitter dots look Interesting. The pink colors are my favorite ones.

225. Sep 26, 2022

Love the Glitter Drop colors.

Beth Gibbs
224. Sep 26, 2022

I love all the Glitter Drops colors, but the Champagne color stands out among them!

223. Sep 26, 2022

Oh my, what a great release.
I really need to have it all!

222. Sep 26, 2022

I love it all but those Glitter Drops are gorgeous! I can’t even decide which colors I like best.

Marilee Dies
221. Sep 26, 2022

The stamping tool is not only functional but beautiful! That makes it a must have!

220. Sep 26, 2022

Gorgeous glitter drops!!!! They are absolutely eye catching.

K. Iwashita
219. Sep 26, 2022

Love the new stamp press.

Debbie P
218. Sep 26, 2022

Beautiful range of colours. Love the tool – beautiful and useful.

Darcel Kirvan
217. Sep 26, 2022

OMG! Love the stamp press and of course all the glitter embellishments!

Jeanne Rice
216. Sep 26, 2022

Love the glitter drops and gorgeous stamp press!

Amanda Worthington
215. Sep 26, 2022

I love those Glitter Drops! The colors are so regal looking!

Stacy H.
214. Sep 26, 2022

I need all of those gorgeous glitter drops!

Natasha Polite
213. Sep 26, 2022

I have to say this whole release is a must have!! Love the look of the stamp press tool, it’s a beautiful Color and the brass handle tops it off perfectly. Those glitter drops are to die for, I have a serious addiction to jewels and sparkly embellishments! Can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us. ❤️😍

Ailsa fifield
212. Sep 26, 2022

Love all the glitter drops, and the stamp tool is much classier than the one I have.

Pamela Hirschberg
211. Sep 26, 2022

Wow, the stamp press it is so elegant and the color it is just perfect, and the new drop jewels with the glitter are great for all the holiday card creations …Great Products …. Congratulations Pinkfresh Studios!

Toni Noblet
210. Sep 26, 2022

I love them all, but the Ruby, Magenta, and Lagoon are my favourite colours, and the new tool is fabulous!!!

Tracy Walker
209. Sep 26, 2022

Love the new glitter drops and the new stamping tool in my favorite color!

Margarita Navarro-Rivera
208. Sep 26, 2022

If I have to choose…Ruby, Blossom, Blush and Magenta, please!! I love all the sparkly goodness!

Judy Mason
207. Sep 26, 2022

I am loving all the sparkly goodness of the glitter drops! Magenta, Lagoon and Aqua are calling my name!

Susan McRae
206. Sep 26, 2022

I particularly love the champagne & aqua glitter drops! Beautiful! I, too, have a stamping tool, but this one is gorgeous

Shelley M-O
205. Sep 26, 2022

Hi, I love all the glittery drops. The stamp press looks lovely too.

Anna M

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