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7th Birthday Celebration Prize Hunt

7th Birthday Celebration Prize Hunt

Happy Monday, Pinkfresh friends! Today we turn 7, and we are so excited to celebrate with you! We know that this past year has been hard & scary, but we have gotten through it together. We are so thankful to our entire team at Pinkfresh Studio for being diligent about keeping our team and customers safe as we learned how to do business during a pandemic. 

And we are so thankful to you for "rolling with the punches" with us, as we faced shut down orders the day after a big release, staggered shifts, delayed product and interesting shipping issues. We wouldn't be here if it weren't for you, so today we not only celebrate our 7th year in business, but we celebrate you too!

So, what's a birthday celebration without some gifts? We are giving away 7 amazing prizes, but they are all in different locations! Up first is an amazing bundle of cardmaking goodies, based on this gorgeous slimline by design team member, TaeEun.

Prize package includes:

Indigo Vines washi tape
Indigo Vines stamp set
Indigo Vines die
Slim Diagonal Stitched Plaid die
Slim Stitched Scallop Rectangles die set
Leafy Circle die

How to win:
Just leave a comment on this blog post letting us know what your favorite release has been this past year. We can't wait to hear!

As I mentioned, there are 6 more prizes to be won! Here is where you find them:

2. Instagram AM Post (goes live at 8:30am CT)
3. Instagram PM Post (goes live at 4:30pm CT)
6. Facebook Friends Page (You have to join to enter)

Giveaway winners will be randomly picked and posted to our GIVEAWAY PAGE on Monday, April 19th. You must check the page and claim your prize within two weeks, or it is forfeit.

In closing, thank you to all of our customers, fans and friends for your support and love! We wouldn't be here without you, and we look forward to many more years of bringing innovative & beautiful new products to you. 

Have a great Monday!


106. Apr 05, 2021

Happy Birthday!!!! What a joyous time! My favorite release has been the pull apart stamp! What an innovative item.

105. Apr 05, 2021

I love the beautiful washi tapes and matching does. They are gorgeous! What an innovative idea!

Kim U
104. Apr 05, 2021

Happy 7th Birthday Pinkfresh team. My favourite release is really hard to choose. All PF products are so well thought out and designed. But the coordinating stencils have been a real time saver and a way of getting more out of your ‘delicious’ inks. But then again, your essential dies are so great to use and make interesting frames. Heather and Lea, Thank you for your creativity and pleasant instructional videos they have been great during lockdown. Thank you Pinkfresh for being such a lovely company.

Jennifer Tatham
103. Apr 05, 2021

Happy birthday!!! As always, it’s so hard to pick but love love LOVE the washi tape and layering stencils!!

Manny Lu
102. Apr 05, 2021

I love your layering stencils! Especially the daisy wreath. So fun to use.

101. Apr 05, 2021

I have been loving my new layering stencils however I can’t wait to get my hands on the new glimmer foils sets. Very ingenious!

Julie Peddicord
100. Apr 05, 2021

WOO HOO HAPPY 7th BIRTHDAY PINK FRESH STUDIO 🎈🎉 thank you! (We’ve all had to roll with the punches, no worries) oh oh Neat package, hmmm, I dont remember the stitched plaid die, but love the look of it very much!! But my all time favorite are the pull apart stamps, I’m still excited when I see someone’s creation with one. That was an outstanding idea! Happy 7th, many more

Carol E. Wortman
99. Apr 05, 2021

I love things in every release. Impossible to pick a favorite. The poeces being removable in the background stamps. The stamp die stencil combos and the white, it’s all gorgeous and feminine.

Darlene Desario
98. Apr 05, 2021

I just found you so this is my favorite release!

MARIA Villasenor
97. Apr 05, 2021

My favorite thing you have ever done is the most awesome Washi tape bundled with tape, dies and stamp! Absolutely BRILLIANT

Teresa Hampton
96. Apr 05, 2021

Happy Birthday Pinkfresh! My favorite is the floral Washi!!

Marlene Sestokas
95. Apr 05, 2021

I love all the floral stamps that have stencils, but in this release I love the folk garden foiling plate, stamp and stencil. PinkFresh makes the loveliest and delicate florals. Happy Birthday Pinkfresh and thank you.

Gail Spresser
94. Apr 05, 2021

It’s so hard to choose! But this last release has been so amazing! The hot foil plates are so neat and it opened a whole new world for me. I know that hot foil plates aren’t new, but I never NEEDED them until you released some 😆

Giana Tankersley
93. Apr 05, 2021

Gorgeous release!!! Love this card!!!

Maureen Reiss
92. Apr 05, 2021

Happy Birthday! My favorite release is always the current one! Each release is fabulous and always necessary. I do love the recent release of washi tapes with their coordinating products, especially the all in one dies, but I repeatedly find myself drawn back to the Choose Hope products.

Paula Haller
91. Apr 05, 2021

My favorite release was the dies, stamps and Washi Tape! Love me some washi! Happy Cake Day!

Brenda Hobdy
90. Apr 05, 2021

The layering stencils and washi tapes are really wonderful, but my favorite was the holiday release. I loved the Ornate Poinsettia, and the Merry Little Christmas pop out stamp, the Layered Snowflakes and the sentiment dies. I ordered way too much that month. Congratulations on 7 years, no small feat in regular times but a wonderful celebration this year. Thanks for all the releases, blog hops, Youtube videos and wonderful products. All the best.

Susan Babcock
89. Apr 05, 2021

You have had so many amazing releases. I love that they all take things up a notch, making everything able to be used in so many different ways. Each time you exceed expectations. And this last release is so versatile and effortless, it is my current favorite (until your next release-lol).

Marla Linderman Richelew
88. Apr 05, 2021

Happy Birthday!!! 🥳💜☀️
Favorite release this year?!….that’s tough. I guess the latest because the hot foil plates add one more thing so beautiful to Pinkfresh.

Jamie Tomlin
87. Apr 05, 2021

Happy Birthday!! While it is next to impossible to choose one launch only, I have to say I am already in love with Happy Blooms.

Michelle C
86. Apr 05, 2021

I love the new starburst circles stamp and the Let’s Stay Home paper collection. The new blue paper with flowers is beautiful too. I bought 4 of them lol

Jessica Yoder-Jones
85. Apr 05, 2021

Layering stencils with coordinating stamps and dies is the best idea in our crafting world!! Thank you and congratulations!!!!!!!!

Kristina Pavlovic
84. Apr 05, 2021

I happened to be FB browsing and saw the new washi tapes! I love that you created dies to be used with stamps or the washi tape!!! How awesome is that? It ensures that my card making process will go a little faster!!!! Thanks so much! And, happy birthday!

Audrey Miller
83. Apr 05, 2021

Happy birthday!! I’ve been enjoying all the cling rubber stamps you guys have came out with this year! Keep up the amazing work!

82. Apr 05, 2021

Happy Birthday! Hands down it’s Some Days

Tina Campbell
81. Apr 05, 2021

Happy Birthday!!
My favorite release is the layering stencils!! But I love everything PinkFresh….😉 Thank you for the chance to win an awesome package!!

80. Apr 05, 2021

Happiest 7th birthday wishes to you, and good fortune for the future. My fave release of the last year has been the beautiful layering stencils, a real asset for those of use who are coloring challenged. Thank you for the lovely inspiration shared by your design team.

Andre M.
79. Apr 05, 2021

Happy Birthday! I love the layering stencils and all the inspiration you provide! Love your videos!

Kim Dunn
78. Apr 05, 2021

The Modern Florals is definitely my favorite stamp set but I’m also in love with all of the stencil sets. Fantastic! And….. I love the recent washi tape florals. They are fabulous!

Name Mary Kay Ross
77. Apr 05, 2021

My favorite release this year was earlier this year with all the layering stencils! I love how easy it is to create!

Kristina Hamada-Wong
76. Apr 05, 2021

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! ;) My favorite release? Well, I am pretty NEW to PinkFresh, so….. It would have to be the most recent releases, with the Matching Washi Tapes, & the Stamps & Dies that are ALL ONE PIECE! GENIUS!!!! ;)<3

Becky Green
75. Apr 05, 2021

Happy Birthday to you! An exciting day :) I am new to card making and love the Seamless Floral Panel stencils we used with Lea Lawson at the Crop & Create event. Thanks for a chance to win!

74. Apr 05, 2021

I love all the layered stencils but the Hanging Garden Layered Stencil set is my favorite. I’m so appreciative of card designs to provide me inspiration. Keep up the good work!

73. Apr 05, 2021

I love all the layering stencils! I’m just getting into hot foil so this is exciting for me as well! Thank you!

Anny Hale
72. Apr 05, 2021

I love the layering stencils. I think it is SO smart of PF to have created these. Many people are not good w/ alcohol markers. Even if they are, alcohol markers are crazy expensive. Colored pencils (probably my favorite way of coloring) are time-consuming, though pretty. Watercolors bring other issues and one needs to practice before watercolored items really “look like something.” So the stencils level the playing field. In addition, it’s FABULOUS that the stencils have DIES to go with them. 🤯 I liked the idea of the washi + die a lot, too.

Happy Birthday, PF Studio
Lori S in PA

Lori Spitzer
71. Apr 05, 2021

Happy 7th anniversary! I love your products, they are so fun!! I am in love with the new release washi tapes!! I love the gold foil outline and love that the dies and stamps come with them as well.

Stacey Munoz
70. Apr 05, 2021

Happy Birthday!

The Layering Stencils have been my favorite product release… but the new Washi Tapes and coordinating products have really caught my eye…. Keep up the great job!

Leslie Canuel
69. Apr 05, 2021

Happy 7th birthday! Congratulations!!
I cannot pick between your last two releases. I am so loving the washi tape,stamps and dies combo. They are just amazing, so beautiful and the set makes them so versatile! 💜🙂 and then you released your hot foil plates, oh my goodness, I am beyond excited, to try them out especially because of the dies and stencil that coordinate with the hot foil plates. I can only imagine the possibilities for future releases with your stunning floral images!

Bonnie Bauer
68. Apr 05, 2021

Happy 7th birthday PFS! My favorite has been the washi tape release with those gorgeous floral sets and the unique washi tape designs with coordinating stamps/dies. Love it!

67. Apr 05, 2021

Happy 7th anniversary! My favorite released products are the washi tape, stamps and dies, of which I am awaiting the arrival of. I had to have the anemone set and it was so popular that I had to order from 3 different companies to get the whole set! No worries though, I love it that much!

Dayle Schenk
66. Apr 05, 2021

The release I love is the hot foil plates with the matching layering stencils & die. I can’t wait to get mine. I love adding foil to cards. I think it makes them look so elegant.

Chris W
65. Apr 05, 2021

My favourite release would have to be the current one, the addition of foiled plates takes everything up a notch, but the washi tape and dies and the stencils and dies………..ooohh now I’m not sure…😂

64. Apr 05, 2021

Gorgeous card TaeEun! I have many favorite new products but I think the Hot Foil release is my favorite.

Dana M
63. Apr 05, 2021

My favorite release has to be your most recent with the hot foil plates and stencils. I can’t wait for my order to arrive.

Karen Larkin
62. Apr 05, 2021

Love, love LOVE layering stencils! They are so gorgeous, and easy to use.

Thank you for this opportunity!

Victoria L
61. Apr 05, 2021

I love your washi tape collections with coordinating products! They’re beautiful and effortless to use and help me put together a fabulous card! 🙌🏻🤩😍

Kerry A.
60. Apr 05, 2021

I love your washi tape collections with coordinating products! They’re beautiful and effortless to use and help me put together a fabulous card! 🙌🏻🤩😍

Kerry A.
59. Apr 05, 2021

I’m a watercolor girl and just love your colors and technique videos! Happy #7 Birthday!

Elaine Lozano
58. Apr 05, 2021

I love using dies and stencils to add dimension in my cards.

Sue A
57. Apr 05, 2021

I love the washi and dies, and I love your layering stencils. Perfect coloring every time!!

Amy McCue

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