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7th Birthday Celebration Prize Hunt

7th Birthday Celebration Prize Hunt

Happy Monday, Pinkfresh friends! Today we turn 7, and we are so excited to celebrate with you! We know that this past year has been hard & scary, but we have gotten through it together. We are so thankful to our entire team at Pinkfresh Studio for being diligent about keeping our team and customers safe as we learned how to do business during a pandemic. 

And we are so thankful to you for "rolling with the punches" with us, as we faced shut down orders the day after a big release, staggered shifts, delayed product and interesting shipping issues. We wouldn't be here if it weren't for you, so today we not only celebrate our 7th year in business, but we celebrate you too!

So, what's a birthday celebration without some gifts? We are giving away 7 amazing prizes, but they are all in different locations! Up first is an amazing bundle of cardmaking goodies, based on this gorgeous slimline by design team member, TaeEun.

Prize package includes:

Indigo Vines washi tape
Indigo Vines stamp set
Indigo Vines die
Slim Diagonal Stitched Plaid die
Slim Stitched Scallop Rectangles die set
Leafy Circle die

How to win:
Just leave a comment on this blog post letting us know what your favorite release has been this past year. We can't wait to hear!

As I mentioned, there are 6 more prizes to be won! Here is where you find them:

2. Instagram AM Post (goes live at 8:30am CT)
3. Instagram PM Post (goes live at 4:30pm CT)
6. Facebook Friends Page (You have to join to enter)

Giveaway winners will be randomly picked and posted to our GIVEAWAY PAGE on Monday, April 19th. You must check the page and claim your prize within two weeks, or it is forfeit.

In closing, thank you to all of our customers, fans and friends for your support and love! We wouldn't be here without you, and we look forward to many more years of bringing innovative & beautiful new products to you. 

Have a great Monday!


206. Apr 05, 2021

I love all of my floral stencil and stamp bundles with dies.

Barbara Deichl
205. Apr 05, 2021

Congrats! I love the stencils and sentiment stamps with dies.

patsy surette
204. Apr 05, 2021

Happy, Birthday Pinkfresh Studio! Congratulations on 7 INCREDIBLE years! I like the coordinating washi and die sets sooooo innovative …. I love all the products!

Meghan Kennihan
203. Apr 05, 2021

Anemone Magic! So beautiful and versatile. Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

Maeve Carter
202. Apr 05, 2021

Definitely the layering stencils! Happy 7th!!!!

Melissa Leftrick
201. Apr 05, 2021

Well, I’m quite new to find and follow Pink Fresh. But I do love the layering stencils and most anything with 🌸 flowers 🌺.
As I’m Dutch, do you happen to have something with tulips ?🌷spring and tulips 💐 go together so well. Would love to see your designers come up with ideas and inspiration on that. ❤️
Anyway; congratulations and please keep inspiring me.

200. Apr 05, 2021

Happy, happy birthday Pinkfresh Studio! Congratulations on 7 awesome years! Your coordinating washi and die sets are my favorite release. Such an innovative new product!

LC Lamothe
199. Apr 05, 2021

Wow, amazing giveaway. Huge congrats! I love every single one of the layered stencil sets, couldn’t choose just one.

Tina Wilstrup
198. Apr 05, 2021

Happy birthday!! I think mine has to be the Anemone Magic washi, stamp and dies. The washi tape is just beautiful!!

Amanda furness
197. Apr 05, 2021

Hard to pick a favorite, but I do love the November Essentials release—and the pop-out release is really cool!

Greta H
196. Apr 05, 2021

Your layered stencils are my favorite , anything with flowers! You are definitely the most innovative! When Jennifer McGuire uses then with embossing powder and layering with matching die it’s a sure sale. Loved your YouTube !
Keep up the great work!

Deborah Bryant
195. Apr 05, 2021

Happy birthday! Thank YOU for hanging in there!
The layering stencils are my favorite!

Sally L Poole
194. Apr 05, 2021

Happy Birthday! You have released so many beautiful and innovative products. I really love the layered stencils!

Mary Reiner
193. Apr 05, 2021

My favorite release is the one where you introduced the layering stencils. Brilliant. Happy Birthday!

Laurie Schinnell Unger
192. Apr 05, 2021

I love the most recent release with all of those amazing stencils!

Kelsey Thomas
191. Apr 05, 2021

Congrats Pink Fresh! My favorite release has been the last one—with the awesome layering stencils/dies and stamps. I don’t use a foiling machine but the foiling plates seem like a good idea too!

Sheri Kempke
190. Apr 05, 2021

Joyful Bouquet and Peony Mix release with washi tape, stamps and die cut!! My hands are itching to start crafting with either pattern.

Laurie Schlichter
189. Apr 05, 2021

Happy birthday Pinkfresh! I love your products and look forward to each release. The designs are always so fresh and new! I love them! The February 2021 release was my favorite in the last year.

Nandini Karmarkar
188. Apr 05, 2021

My favorite is r washi tapes and dies and matching stamps I adore them !!! So beautiful I’ve made some gorgeous cards from them and it’s so easy ! Happy 7th Birthday Pink Fresh Studio 🎂🌸💕

Karen Phillips
187. Apr 05, 2021

My favorite release is the latest! I say that though with every release! Lol! Amazing products

Karen Spaiches
186. Apr 05, 2021

My favorite is the Friendship Blooms set. I have the stencils, dies and stamps. Beautiful! I will be getting more stencils soon! I m new to card making so just starting my stash! LOL

Linda Lincks
185. Apr 05, 2021

I love your new innovative products! Stencils/stamps/dies/washi all to match! AMAZING!!!

Linda Gorman
184. Apr 05, 2021

The layering stencils. Makes me look like a pro because they are beautiful and so easy to use.

Lisa Achilles
183. Apr 05, 2021

Let’s Stay Home

Kim Teets
182. Apr 05, 2021

Honestly, every new Pinkfresh paper collection becomes my favorite collection. <3 The one I’ve used the most this past year is Let’s Stay Home. (Not to worry, I ordered a lot. blush). Happy Birthday, Pinkfresh – we can all share the gifts!

C Baldwin
181. Apr 05, 2021

Happy birthday, Pinkfresh!!! My recent favorites are definitely your amazing layering stencils! I have products from the new hot foil release arriving tomorrow. I can’t wait to play with them!! I have a feeling they will quickly become a new favorite as well given my love of hot foiling.

Melissa Miller
180. Apr 05, 2021

Happy 7th Birthday! I just loved the new Washi tape / stamp / die combo, especially the Anemone.

Pam R
179. Apr 05, 2021

Happy Birthday!!! My favorite so far are all those yummy new floral washi tape!!

178. Apr 05, 2021

Happy 7th birthday. It’s hard to pick one item, but since I usually love most what i am working with- I will go with the Joyful Bouquet Washi tape, stamp and die. What a unique product. And I had a ball making many variations for Easter cards. Next up for me is learning foiling. Thanks for your innovation.

Deborah Crivello
177. Apr 05, 2021

Congratulations on 7 years of awesome products! My favorite by far have been th layering stencils and the cling background Nested Diamond, Chevron, stripes and rainbow. I loved the fact that you could as so may different colors so easily by just removing parts of the stamps.

Alicia Bartel
176. Apr 05, 2021

I noticed your line on Instagram. Lovely flower stamps, accompanying dies, and the washi rendition of the flowers that can be die cut sent me to the moon with a swoon. Love them!

Rita Perfater
175. Apr 05, 2021

Love Let’s Stay Home! Happy Birthday!! Wishing you many more!!

jean marmo
174. Apr 05, 2021

My favorite collection of 2020 was most certainly Let’s Stay Home.

173. Apr 05, 2021

They are all my favorite release…if I had more $$$ I’d buy them all! Love the coordinating WASHI! Brilliant!

Norine Yoshizawa
172. Apr 05, 2021

Just love your background stamps, layering stencils,
and all of your inks!!! Happy 7th!!

Karen Palmeri
171. Apr 05, 2021

Happy Birthday!

My favorite release is the current.

Pat Bethke
170. Apr 05, 2021

Pink Fresh Studio has released so many amazing products over the last 7 years and I have bought something from nearly ever release over the last two years. I look forward with each release to see what is coming. My Pink Fresh collection is starting to overflow so making a decision about what is my favourite release is pretty hard. However, in saying that, I am very very very excited to get my hands on the latest release as I love the matching stamps, dies stencil and foil sets. My fav is the joyful peonies, I can’t wait until I get my hands on them. The matching sets means I get more and different looks. love

Julie Booker
169. Apr 05, 2021

I love the layering stencils and dies! Thanks for all you do!

Lori Beck
168. Apr 05, 2021

Happy 7th birthday! I absolutely love washi tape, and to have washi tape with a stamp and coordinating die – perfection!!

Sherry Chaisson
167. Apr 05, 2021

Happy 7th! Hope you stay in business for many many years! I love your layering stencils and the hot foil stamps, but my favorite is the wash/stamp/die collection! You hit it out of the park with those products!

Margarita Navarro-Rivera
166. Apr 05, 2021

I love the stitching background dies. I think they add such a nice subtle texture to every project. I especially love the slimline ones because they help fill in the wider space w interest without overpowering the main image.

Beverly Wilkinson
165. Apr 05, 2021

Happy Birthday and here’s to many more! I love the layering stencils!

sabel Z
164. Apr 05, 2021

Happy 7th Anniversary!! Love your products. One favorite is your layered stencils.

Laura Parillo
163. Apr 05, 2021

Happy birthday! Although I love each release, I have been enjoying all flowers layering stencils.

Isamar Parés
162. Apr 05, 2021

My favorite this year has been the washi tapes with matching dies. This is a unique and innovative release, new to the paper craft world. I have three different sets, and they are so easy to use! And now I have a TON of beautiful embellishments for my pages, cards and traveler notebooks. Hope you come out with more!

Kathy P
161. Apr 05, 2021

You always have great release, but the last two with the gorgeous washi tapes and the hot foiling are my favorite by far. The washi collection simply stunning & the hot foiling designs are so beautiful.

Vera Yates
160. Apr 05, 2021

Love the Folk Art Birds, and Indigo Vines is also beautiful! Cannot choose just one as a favorite :-) Happy Birthday to you!!! #7 is awesome and I am so glad you are here!

Joanne Pope
159. Apr 05, 2021

There are so many awesome new products. I especially love the slimline sunrise stencil set

Teresa Durn
158. Apr 05, 2021

I love all the lovely florals that you do, but my favorite set is the floral notes stamp, die and stencil. This set is so unique and I can use it and so many different ways. I am loving that you are also doing the hot foil dies. I do have a glimmer machine, but I have not used it yet. I will though with help from the Pinkfresh designs. Thanks for all you do for us crafters during Covid-19. It truly is my daily therapy.

157. Apr 05, 2021


Shirley Maxwell

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