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7th Birthday Celebration Prize Hunt

7th Birthday Celebration Prize Hunt

Happy Monday, Pinkfresh friends! Today we turn 7, and we are so excited to celebrate with you! We know that this past year has been hard & scary, but we have gotten through it together. We are so thankful to our entire team at Pinkfresh Studio for being diligent about keeping our team and customers safe as we learned how to do business during a pandemic. 

And we are so thankful to you for "rolling with the punches" with us, as we faced shut down orders the day after a big release, staggered shifts, delayed product and interesting shipping issues. We wouldn't be here if it weren't for you, so today we not only celebrate our 7th year in business, but we celebrate you too!

So, what's a birthday celebration without some gifts? We are giving away 7 amazing prizes, but they are all in different locations! Up first is an amazing bundle of cardmaking goodies, based on this gorgeous slimline by design team member, TaeEun.

Prize package includes:

Indigo Vines washi tape
Indigo Vines stamp set
Indigo Vines die
Slim Diagonal Stitched Plaid die
Slim Stitched Scallop Rectangles die set
Leafy Circle die

How to win:
Just leave a comment on this blog post letting us know what your favorite release has been this past year. We can't wait to hear!

As I mentioned, there are 6 more prizes to be won! Here is where you find them:

2. Instagram AM Post (goes live at 8:30am CT)
3. Instagram PM Post (goes live at 4:30pm CT)
6. Facebook Friends Page (You have to join to enter)

Giveaway winners will be randomly picked and posted to our GIVEAWAY PAGE on Monday, April 19th. You must check the page and claim your prize within two weeks, or it is forfeit.

In closing, thank you to all of our customers, fans and friends for your support and love! We wouldn't be here without you, and we look forward to many more years of bringing innovative & beautiful new products to you. 

Have a great Monday!


256. Apr 06, 2021

Sunburst circle die is just gorgeous! Love every project I see done with it. Happy Birthday!

Michelle B
255. Apr 06, 2021

Love your products! They’re high quality & innovative. The stamp/ stencils are so easy to use, & the designers are inspiring! Happy Birthday Pinkfresh!

Donna Moran
254. Apr 06, 2021

I am new to your products and I must say the layering stencils are my favorite so far! Happy anniversary and keep up the good work!!!

Carroll Castro
253. Apr 06, 2021

Happy Happy Birthday! Loving the layering stencils and how easy they are to use to create a quick and beautiful card! Please keep making more!

Susan McRae
252. Apr 06, 2021

Congrats on 7 years. My favourite release is definitely the March one with the Washi/stamp/die collections. But I love all the slimline dies too. So hard to choose.

Diane Zalusky
251. Apr 06, 2021
Happy Birthday . then the april 1 2021 was one of favs Creamy Color Palette With Silver Accents
Donna Lindner
250. Apr 06, 2021

Congratulations on 7 fabulous years … here’s to many more! Each Pink Fresh release is full of such yumminess that it’s difficult to choose a favourite … though the pop out stamps and dies in June 2020 were so innovative and gorgeous that they might just take the podium! The stamp, die and washi release in March this year was also stunning! Anita :)

Anita in France
249. Apr 06, 2021

Pinkfresh’s release of the slimline dies has been the one to have the most effect on my cardmaking. Beautiful cards making use of business envelopes and cheap postage have helped my budget.

Paula Corcoran
248. Apr 06, 2021

As always, it’s hard to pick a favorite, but August 2020 is a definite contender. Congratulations on navigating this tough 7th year with flexibility and teamwork, and thank you for making our worlds a little brighter.

Pauline Abeysekera
247. Apr 06, 2021

Happy birthday! Right now I’m most curious and excited about the multi step stencils- I have a few on order :-)

Mary E Froehlich
246. Apr 06, 2021

Happy birthday! 🎂🎉
Such a fun idea of prize hunt!
I love all Pinkfresh Studio releases. I’m in love with your new washis ❤️
Love from India 🇮🇳💝💞

Aysha Muhammed Ashraf (thecraftinggenie)
245. Apr 06, 2021

Happy birthday! 🎂🎉
Such a fun idea of prize hunt!
I love all Pinkfresh Studio releases. I’m in love with your new washis ❤️
Love from India 🇮🇳💝💞

Aysha Muhammed Ashraf (thecraftinggenie)
244. Apr 06, 2021

My fave has been Joyful Bouquet. I love the washi tape and coordinating stamp, dies and stencils, 🧡❤️💙💗💚💜

Cherry Robinson
243. Apr 05, 2021

Happy 7th Birthday! I’m a big fan of the layering stencils and their co-ordinating dies and stamp sets!!

Cheriese H
242. Apr 05, 2021

Honestly, I just love the dies! I mean, I love your cling stamps, but those gorgeous dies….oh my!

Marisela Delgado
241. Apr 05, 2021

The last release with the beautiful layering stencils has been my favorite! I can’t wait to try them!

Denise Bryant
240. Apr 05, 2021

I have loved the pop out stamps this year! The new washi tapes with the dies and stamps look like so much fun – they’re on my wishlist too!!

Brenda Meilak
239. Apr 05, 2021

Oh my , I have so many favorites. I really loved it when you came out with the layering stencils, dies and stamps. Happy Birthday!

Doreen Steinke
238. Apr 05, 2021

My favorite release this past year are the layering stencils and this ESSENTIALS: SLIM STRIPES DIE SET. All of your releases are so pretty.

Roberta S.
237. Apr 05, 2021

I love all releases by PFS especially layering stencils, it was really an awesome idea !! Happy Birthday PFS !!

Anushree Vaish
236. Apr 05, 2021

I love love love PinkFresh and the 5 layering stencils that we used at the C&C Delivered Event in March. I was just introduced to this line and I will certainly be getting more of it. :).

Florence Lim
235. Apr 05, 2021

Congrats. Happy birthday! My favorite is always the latest. Lol. The March one though still stands out with matching washi and dies. I mean that’s brilliant.

Kristina Gentle
234. Apr 05, 2021

Happy 7th Birthday Pinks Fresh Studio your releases are always amazing.

Jenny N
233. Apr 05, 2021

Happy Birthday to you all! So hard to choose – I love all of the beautiful colours and patterns! My favourite would have to be the March release of washi/stamps and coordinating dies – all just gorgeous!!

Leigh Ann Sydness
232. Apr 05, 2021

Lots of good releases, but the washi with matching stamps and dies is just brilliant! very unique idea.

Lynn Lohne
231. Apr 05, 2021

The last release was my favorite. You upped the ante when you came out with the hot foil plates! I already loved the layering stencils, then you went and added gold!

Cynthia Johnson
230. Apr 05, 2021

Happy 7th Birthday! Love your products, it’s hard to pick a fav. Enjoy using the layered stencils a lot.

Laura Parillo
229. Apr 05, 2021

I love every dies and stickers, all of them!!

shiho saito
228. Apr 05, 2021

I would have to say Oct’s. I am so big into slimline right now and the layering stencils.

Cindy Wesley
227. Apr 05, 2021

My favorite release that started turning my head more towards PF was the slimline floral sets with the coordinating stencils and dies. I made a card for my bestie and she was blown away by Floral Notes! Now I’m eyeing your new release and willing to give hot foil a try! Great job.

Suzanne Hue
226. Apr 05, 2021

i absolutely love the new hot foiling plates and dies… so beautiful!

Rosemary D
225. Apr 05, 2021

I love the layered stencils and now with the matching cling stamp and glimmer foil plates it’s just such an exciting release! I have a glimmer machine coming tomorrow and can’t wait to use it!! I didn’t know I needed one until this release lol.

Brenda Johnson
224. Apr 05, 2021

My absolute favorite release was the washi tape and dies, stamp sets. Those are so versatile and gorgeous.

Veronica Hunt
223. Apr 05, 2021

Thats a tough one, i will have to go with the Anemone washi/stamp/die set collection, its really gorgeous!!!!!

222. Apr 05, 2021

Oh my goodness. How can one decide on a favorite. I have to say that your coordinating inks are my favorite item of all time. You help me so much when I struggle with color.

Thank you!

Susan C
221. Apr 05, 2021

Love, love ALL of your products. Too hard to pick a favorite. Constantly amazed with each new release!

Vicki Briggs
220. Apr 05, 2021

Happy 7th birthday , Pink Fresh. Your products are so fun and innovative. I think my faves are the layering stencils. There are so many designs and they provide amazing results. I have 2, which is only the beginning for me. The washi tapes are also gorgeous.

Pat McCleary
219. Apr 05, 2021

My favorite release was probably the first one with the layering stencils… but it’s so hard to choose. Pinkfresh has been on fire this past year. I love all the innovative products. I have loved playing with the washi and coordinating dies over the last few weeks. You guys are definitely my favorite stamp company. 🥳💕

Nicole LeBlanc
218. Apr 05, 2021

Very excited for you – HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Your company is so young and so very talented. My favorite are the hot foil plates both sentiments and all the Folk Art (bird & Garden) sets. Having the stencils, stamps and hot foil plates is such a great idea – genius! Any one of these would be a treasure to have. Thanks for the opportunity.

217. Apr 05, 2021

Love this new Indigo Vines collection! So cool to see a unique color palette.

Margaret Mckernan
216. Apr 05, 2021

My favorite release was the one that included the slimline layering stencils/stamp/die combos including Incredibly Grateful (yes I was) and Be Courageous. Love everything about these. I have a whole bunch of the new layering stencils on my wishlist. Happy Anniversary!

see mary stamp
215. Apr 05, 2021

Hard to select one but I’ll go with stamps

Binish khan
214. Apr 05, 2021

Layering stencils!

Avra Williams
213. Apr 05, 2021

My very favorite release is the Anemone die, stamp and Washi Tape set. I love that the stamp and die come with Washi tape to match and can be die cut. I also love that the Washi tape gives me a look at what colors to use when coloring the stamps.

susan Berry
212. Apr 05, 2021

Each time you come out with a new release, it is my favorite one. But you really hit it out of the park with the washi collection. I have already ordered some of it and hope to be able to get more soon! LOOOVE it!

Debbie Parke
211. Apr 05, 2021

Happy Birthday! This is so hard --1st has to be the layering stencils! But —you slimline dies are my favorite! Everything is so awesome!!!

Sue Busch
210. Apr 05, 2021

I am fairly new to Pinkfresh Studio but have to say I am happy with everything I have purchased from stamps to dies, both regular and slimline plus stencils! I am really eyeing up the Indigo Vines collection though!!

209. Apr 05, 2021

So glad that together we could make it to your 7th birthday! I think my favorite release this year has been the washi tape collection (stamp set, dies and washi tape). Very inventive! My second choice is the new hot foil collection. You’ve got some really creative ‘brains’ working with you.

MJ Sinsel
208. Apr 05, 2021

My favorite release this year was definitely March’s. I just loved all the coordinating foil plates, die cuts, stamps, and stencils. They are beautiful and amazing!

Dorothy A
207. Apr 05, 2021

😂😂😂 believe it or not the Indigo Vines collection (stamp set, dies and washi tape) have actually been my favorite. I’m a huge navy blue fan!!!!

Melanie Ayers

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