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Stamped Wrapping Papers & Coordinates | Rebecca Luminarias

Stamped Wrapping Papers & Coordinates | Rebecca Luminarias

Hi Pinkfresh fans!  Goodness, it seems like forever since I've been on the PF blog--the blog hops have been so much fun but it's nice to be back with you here, too :)  I have some quick stamped packages to share today (not unlike one of the projects I shared during September's stamp release blog hop).  The technique and idea are not new, but I have a few "extras" and variations to go along with each package.

The first project was born out of necessity.  My 7-year-old was suddenly invited to 2 birthday parties last week which meant I had to scramble to come up with a gift, card, and tag for each one.  I didn't mind a bit, though, thanks to my PF stamps!  I was able to quickly come up with all of it, using the Playful Animal Friends 1 & 2 sets.  They offer so many options and occasions, and are great for anyone, really, not just kids.

A couple of months ago, the kids and I made some gift wrap and cards for my son's best friend using these sets, namely the little dogs from PAF 2.  It was so much fun to craft with the kids and they had a blast!  Had I had the sense to photograph the results, I'd share them here, but I didn't...So I'm telling you that this is a fantastic way to craft with your kids and get them involved in giving to their friends.  My kids loved it (and had we not been so short on time last week, I would have involved them again).

This time, I chose the foxes instead of dogs.  These gifts were kids I didn't know too well so we opted for a gift card, but I put it in a box and wrapped the box.  I stamped the scene on bright white 8.5" x 11" copy paper (it's easy and affordable).

I simply repeated the same pattern over and over, covering the entire sheet of paper.  I love how the orange pops with the navy blue, and bringing in the greens makes this even more colorful.  There are plenty of primary red, yellow, and blue wrapping papers for boys, but the more complex colors like the shades here tend to be my preference.  When you create your own gift wrap, you can customize the colors to tailor any person's interests and favorites.

It only took about 5 minutes to create this paper, and when I have a little more free time, I'll probably whip up some more sheets for the next time we need a last-minute gift.

After wrapping the box containing the gift card, I made a couple of quick matching tags and a card to go with it.  The card is 3" x 4" and contains 1 stamped scene of the foxes to match the paper.  It's slightly different than the wrap, because I had more vertical space to fill.  I added a solid orange balloon, the 'make a wish' sentiment, and a green triangle banner.

I kept the inside minimal, but one thing I love most about these 2 stamp sets is how many sentiments there are so you can stamp one message on the front of the card, and something else on the inside.  For the cards, because they were super-quick, I made a few extras right then.

When I was making the tags, I broke up the scene, adding 1 fox to each white tag.  I spelled out the birthday boy's name with alpha stickers from Escape the Ordinary--if his name had been more than 3 letters, I would have altered the design accordingly.

The tags are tied on with some gray twine.  I opted not to get all fancy or add a bunch of different trims for a couple reasons: 1. Because I made the wrapping paper design myself, I didn't want to cover it all up!  2. It's for a boy and I'm not too sure 7-year-old boys love fancy ribbons and bows :)

A few tips:

-This wrapping, I think, is suitable for a girl, also, but if you'd rather make it more feminine, it's easy enough to alter the colors, or even the animals and images.

-If you have a few extra minutes, go ahead and make up a few more paper sheets and cards so you're stocked the next time you're in need of a gift at a moment's notice.

-Copy paper isn't too thick, which makes it nice for wrapping, but slightly transparent.  If this is an issue, first wrap the gift with tissue paper or a plain piece of copy paper.

-Most young kids (and some older ones, too) will love the chance to make the cards, tags, and paper for their friends.  Playing with Mom's stamps and inks is a BIG deal!

My second gift uses the same stamp sets, believe it or not, but it's definitely more suited toward one of my girlfriends, rather than a 7-year-old boy!  I've made my own gift wrap again, but it's even easier than the fox paper!

I used the cute single flowers from Playful Animal Friends 1 and stamped them repeatedly in black ink.  That's it.  It took about 2 minutes, and when my gift is all wrapped, it's hard to tell that it's not store-bought gift wrap.

Again, I'm using 2 tags, but I chose to alter 2 Escape the Ordinary tags instead of using plain white ones.  The top tag came decorated with stitched-on mint crepe paper and I added 3 stamped black flowers.  As a finishing touch, I stamped 'cheers' on a thin strip of card stock, then stitched it to the crepe paper.  It's such a simple concept, but I love how it turned out, especially when paired with the homemade paper.

The second tag is larger, and I changed it slightly to coordinate with the smaller one, ruffling gold crepe paper over the "authentic" print.

Tying a single length of black plaid ribbon around the box, I clipped the two tags to it with a gold foil mini clothespin.  Done!

It was so simple to whip this up.  I'm happy with the minimal black, white, and mint color scheme, but if you'd rather work in a bit more color, here's a look at a way to do it, while maintaining the quick and easy concept...

I had 3 floral stamps so I chose 3 colors instead of black ink.  Here's another way to do a tag, too, adding lots of color and a few more sweet images like little butterflies and a birdie.

A few tips:

-Using stamps to make your own tags and gift wrap is very affordable, and didn't take a ridiculous amount of time to create.  If you'd rather spend tons of money on wrapping paper, bows, and lots of pricy embellishments, this is an ideal way to stretch your dollar when it comes to gift wrap.

-If you're not feeling the look of the basic black ink, try branching out and exploring a broad spectrum of colors.

-Don't be afraid to alter ready-made items if they don't fit your theme or style, like I did to the ETO tags.

Creating my own gift wrap with stamps has become a favorite go-to technique for wrapping.  As I've mentioned, it's affordable, not too time-consuming, and the results are fun!  For those who have always wanted to try stamping but may be hesitant, this is definitely a project beginners can do!  I didn't use any coloring or blending techniques, nor expensive supplies; just a stamp set and standard dye inks from multiple manufacturers.  Pinkfresh has A LOT of stamp sets that would make beautiful papers so if you're not into the animals, try my other favorite, Semi Circle Pattern or the florals in Shine I hope you'll give this a try!


3. Dec 20, 2019

I love both sets of Playful Animal Friends, and you have done a super job showing all the possibilities with these stamps. I just wish I had come across these stamp sets prior to them being discontinued! Found one set on Amazon (ships from UK), so I will keep looking. These are so cute, and I just gotta have them, ha!

Ann L Merry
2. Apr 06, 2018

Love it, love it, love it!

F Jo Clemmons
1. Nov 01, 2017

That’s a great post, full of inspiration. I really love the easy tips and techniques, it definitely looks like something I could make. Thanks for sharing.


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