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Guest Designer | Kelly Griglione

Guest Designer | Kelly Griglione

We are so excited to announce our August guest card designer, Kelly Griglione! She has created NINE really amazing cards to share with you today!! But first, how about we get to know her a little better?

Hello Pinkfresh Fans! I'm Kelly Griglione and like many of us, crafting has always been a large part of my life. I have such fond memories of time spent with my Grandma at her kitchen table learning every type of craft imaginable. What a great legacy to leave … I think of Gram nearly every time I sit down to craft!

Now I’m mom to two boys ages 10 and 14, and wife to my high school sweetheart. In addition to crafting, I spend a lot of time being involved in the boys' school and sports, going to concerts, traveling, and hanging out with friends and family. One of my favorite things to do is go on neighborhood walking adventures with my boys in different parts of Chicago ... you never know what you're going to find!

What inspired you to start paper crafting?
I’ve always been a scrapbooker. Aside from making our Christmas cards, I never really thought that much about card-making. About 8-9 years ago a friend invited me to come to this event called “CHA.” My head was spinning at the Papertrey Ink booth. I had no idea cards could look that modern and well-designed! I even told the “cashier” how much I enjoyed their booth (who I think was probably either Heather Nichols or Nichole Heady). A couple years later I made a New Year’s resolution to start a blog, and I’ve been hooked on card-making and this incredible community ever since!

What best describes your paper crafting style?
Clean, but not always simple. I love to figure out different ways to use products. If I can make something unexpected or surprising, that makes me the happiest.

What draws you to Pinkfresh Studio products?
I love the fresh and modern style that all the Pinkfresh studio products have. I feel trendy just by using them. Aside from the fun products, the amazing team behind the products always makes me smile!

Please list your top 5 current Pinkfresh Studio Products.


What is your very favorite color combo?
I love combing gold with everything ... white & gold, mint, melon & gold, lavender, sage & gold, aqua, lime & gold...

What is one tip you have for someone just getting started in paper crafting?
Don't feel like you have to have the exact same products that other crafters have. Often you can recreate a certain look that you're attracted to by using the supplies you already have in similar ways. This can also help you avoid collecting products, and instead get you using products.

If you don't currently follow Kelly's blog or social media, here are all the links you need!




Kelly created 9 fantastic cards for her guest design post using Fancy Florals 1 & 2, which you are going to just love! You can read more about Amy's projects in her own words.


I was laughing to myself when I came across the question to name your favorite five Pinkfresh products ... after reading this post there will be no doubt which are my most favorite products! I have such a fascination with the Fancy Floral 1 and Fancy Floral 2 coordinating dies that I created no less than NINE different cards using mostly just these two dies. Let's take a look! 
Collection 1 - Brights
The first collection is the "brights" where, aside from the white card, I've layered the thinner Fancy Floral 1 die over the thicker Fancy Floral 2 die.
The background for this card is Fancy Florals 2. I've colored different sections of this thicker die before layering the thinner, white layer of Fancy Florals 1 on top. To make things easier for coloring, I stuck with solid, non-blended colors, and colored each type of flower or leaf in similar colors.
I left a little strip going across the front of the card ... the perfect place to put your sentiment! You can do this with any die just by hanging the die off the edge of your die cutting platform where you don't want to the paper to be cut.
Talk about simple!! This formula would be perfect for mass producing cards that look involved to make. Just cut the middle portion out of the Fancy Florals 2 die to create the lovely frame. Then emboss whatever sentiment you need in the middle on the card base. Done!
I love how these dies are designed, with the thin cardstock border around the edges. In order to adhere the die to the card base I just put adhesive on the border and called it a day. The tiny floral pieces are all left loose. 
This is perhaps my very favorite card of the bunch! 
I colored both panels, trying to reserve the darker colors for the thinner Fancy Florals 1 die cut. Especially with the wider Fancy Florals 2 panel, it was fun to be a little sloppy on the coloring.
It's so satisfying to put the layers together and have all the sloppiness disappear! Like magic : )
I love that, with little more effort than it takes to quickly color each element in single colors, you have a card with the effect of piecing together many tiny, individual pieces. Again, using the straight border to adhere the layers together makes this possible.
This is a fun way to use the die in a different manner, and is probably my next favorite project. I followed the steps in making the card above, and at the very end I snipped all the elements out of the panel to make individual flowers and greenery.
Then assembled them all in a bouquet behind the sentiment banner from A Day in the City.
I only put adhesive on the bottom of the elements so they would naturally bend forward like in real live. Any time I can add dimension like this on a card, without having to add bulk (from pop dots, foam tape, etc.) I'm pleased. It's definitely a mailable card.
These colors just make me happy together!
Collection 2 - Layers
This collection is one that could take all day in your craft room using up your colored cardstock. It's a super simple approach of layering a solid color diecut on top of another solid color diecut. Then adhering them together.
I was going for a monochromatic look here with the yellows and oranges. More specifically, I wanted to create a feeling that this was wallpaper in a room with the hanging light bulb.
And how adorable is this little bulb from the Shine set with the coordinating die cut?!? The screw on base is a SEPARATE stamp from the bulb, so you can make it metallic gold or silver like in real life, or any color you want actually.
There are so many cute sentiments in this set, which you can use on the card or even on the light bulb itself.
This color combination I just LOVE for a Halloween card. I like that it doesn't have any typical Halloween imagery, like pumpkins, bats, or ghosts, but because of the orange/purple/black colors you instantly know it's a Halloween card. This would be another great one to mass produce.
I tried a bunch of different color combinations before settling on this one and the yellow/orange combination in the prior card. Can you tell what they both have in common? The color for the wider Fancy Florals 2 die cut piece is much lighter than the background, making these really POP.
Collection 3 - Inking
This collection uses ink through the die cut panels, or on the card itself.
Another simple card (they all are, really) I've just blended ink around the edges of the card base, and layered a pretty purple vellum over the top.
The lighter-colored middle of the card draws your eye in for a focal point, and then you read the sentiment underneath.
The sentiments are perfect, mixed from Dream On and Shine. I slightly curled the sentiment flag on the bottom so it looks like it's waving. Another case of gaining dimension without bulk.
Another way you can use these full panel dies is to create your own stencils! I layered cardstock cut with the thin Fancy Florals 1die over another piece of cardstock and sprayed gold ink on it. Then I layered the wider Fancy Florals 2 die on top and sprayed purple ink on it. I wasn't super thrilled with the color combination, so my solution for that is to cut it up and use a smaller dose of it. I just can't throw anything away, hahahaha!!
Then why not incorporate your stencil as a mat underneath the stenciled piece? In this case I used a newly cut white diecut underneath, but you could certainly use the actual stencil if you weren't keeping it.
The bird and sentiment come from the Dream On Collection again.
Finally, here's a card with another background that's been sprayed through stencils. The buildings, sentiment and banner are all from A Day in the City. I was going for a psychedelic vibe, with a plain white building up against a dreamy, large-scale floral design. To me it says "anything can happen" which goes along with the "make today an adventure" sentiment.
Here's one of the stencils used to make the background. Even though it's not made of plastic, I was still able to get several rounds of spray out of it. Then when it's been used a few times, just turn it into a card, and cut a new stencil!
Thanks for taking a look at all nine cards I made from the Fancy Florals dies! I told Lea, it was honestly difficult for me to put these two dies down. I kept wanting to try different combinations! It's really hard to go wrong with these amazing dies!

Thank you for creating all these great cards for US, Kelly!! We asked Kelly one final question, which we think is super fun to include in her guest design post!

Do you have a past favorite project you've created with Pinkfresh Studio product that you'd like to share? Why is it your favorite?
This is one of my favorite Pinkfresh projects, which actually was a collaboration with Winnie & Walter. I love that the Pinkfresh products inspire me to get back to my original love of scrapbooking and preserving family memories.


Thank you for all the amazing projects & inspiration today, Amy! We are so honored to have you on as our guest designer today!


6. May 19, 2019

Wow… these are amazing, especially the super colorful ones… off to buy these dies right now! Thank you for the beautiful enabling!

Candi D
5. Aug 28, 2018

Www Kelly! You rocked these dies! I love each one of the fabulous cards! You always inspire me with your unique approach to projects! TFS

Loly Borda
4. Aug 27, 2018

Love the dies too & the bright color of flowers!

Karen ilsley
3. Aug 27, 2018

Kelly, you rocker-fan-girl, you’ve rocked these Pinkfresh products in ways nobody else would think of! I LOve the idea of cutting out windows from an all-over die cut panel as beautiful as this one! But YOU KNOW I could not resist choosing that bouquet-on-gray gorgeousness as my fave!
Rock on, girlfriend… Pinkfresh, you’ve picked a winner!

Michele F
2. Aug 26, 2018

All of Kelly’s project are amazing, she has the ability to stretch the use of products in ways most of us never think of she is such an inspiration!!

Tracey McNeey
1. Aug 25, 2018

Love all of these cards, but most especially the two-tone ones and the white one with the middle cut out to make a frame. Thanks for all the good ideas, Kelly!


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